Sunday, June 27, 2010

1982 Chicago Cubs

Thanks to a tip from Wrigley Wax, I am adding a regional set to help fill out this Cubs checklist. In 1982, the Cubs in conjunction with Red Lobster produced a 28 card team set. Nothing goes better together than baseball cards and Red Lobster. The cards are slightly thinner than standard issue cards, but the height is the same, so they won't fit poorly in your box, like sets such as the 1988 Topps Big and 1989 Bowman sets. There are 6 cards in the set that will help fill out the ultimate checklist for the 1982 Cubs, which are all noted in the checklist below with CR.

Leon Durham led the team in home runs and RBIs and all the new age average stats (OBP, SLG, OPS), so he will get the award...consideration could go to Bill Buckner and Ryne Sandberg.

Cy Young
Lee Smith was the closer for this team and racked up 17 saves to go with his 2.69 ERA. On most teams, his card would get the award for Rookie Card of the Year, but...

Rookie Card of the Year
In the above mentioned Red Lobster set, one of the 6 players there were cards of that help us fill out the checklist is a card of hall-of-famer Ryne Sandberg. This card actually pre-dates his Topps, Fleer and Donruss rookie cards, which all came out in the 1983 sets. As mentioned previously in this blog, Sandberg made his debut in 1981 with the Phillies, but 1982 was his first season with the Cubs.

Most Interesting Non-Topps Card
This team was loaded with solid rookie cards in 1982, and one that gets lost behind Ryne Sandberg and Lee Smith is the rookie card of Pat Tabler in the 1982 Donruss set. Tabler was a high average hitting first baseman making a name for himself with the Indians through the 1980s. He wrapped up his career with the Royals, Mets, and Blue Jays, finally retiring after the 1992 season. 1982 was his last season with the Cubs before he was traded to the crosstown White Sox and then on to the Indians during the offseason of 1982-1983.

Note: Bob Molinaro has a card in the 1982 Topps set showing him as a member of the White Sox. He also has a card in the Cubs Red Lobster set showing him as a Cub. He played with the Cubs and Phillies in 1982. He had 72 plate appearances with the Cubs, 17 for the Phillies, so I am placing his 1982 Topps card on the Cubs checklist, simply because the Red Lobster card is probably rare. If I ever get that card, I will place the 1982 Topps Molinaro card with the Phillies.

__ TO 508 C Jody Davis CHC
__ TO 760 1B Bill Buckner CHC
__ TT 129 2B Bump Wills CHC
__ CR 23 3B Ryne Sandberg CHC
__ TT 10 SS Larry Bowa CHC
__ TO 89 LF Steve Henderson CHC
__ TT 130 CF Gary Woods CHC
__ TO 607 RF Leon Durham CHC
__ TT 76 UT Keith Moreland CHC
__ TT 52 OF Jay Johnstone CHC
__ TT 55 MI Junior Kennedy CHC

Starting Pitchers
__ TT 49 SP Fergie Jenkins CHC
__ TO 273 SP Doug Bird CHC
__ TT 82 SP Dickie Noles CHC
__ TO 188 SP Randy Martz CHC
__ TT 99 SP Allen Ripley CHC

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 452 CL Lee Smith CHC
__ TO 699 RP Dick Tidrow CHC
__ TT 92 RP Mike Proly CHC
__ TO 23 RP Willie Hernandez CHC
__ TT 16 RP Bill Campbell CHC

Other Players
__ TO 33 CF Jerry Morales CHC
__ DO 529 3B Pat Tabler CHC

CF Mel Hall
__ CR 18 OF Scot Thompson CHC
__ TO 363 LF Bob Molinaro CHW
__ CR 29 LF Bob Molinaro CHC
__ TT 11 UT Dan Briggs CHC
__ DO 554 SS Scott Fletcher CHC
__ FL 607 UT Ty Waller CHC
__ TO 663 OF Hector Cruz CHC

C Butch Benton

C Larry Cox

SP Tom Filer

SP Dan Larson
__ TO 639 RP Ken Kravec CHC

RP Randy Stein

RP Herman Segelke

__ CR 4 MG Lee Elia

__ CR 0 CO Cubs Coaches (John Vukovich, Gordy MacKenzie, Billy Williams, Billy Connors, Tom Harmon)

__ CR 0 TM Chicago Cubs



  1. Nice write up. If you've never seen all of the Red Lobster cards, they are here. And the Sandberg card is the only one anyone ever made that shows him at third base. It's also one of the pricier cards in my collection!

  2. Wow, the Red Lobster set is news to me. Awesome! I love how they look...years ahead of the game by having the photo fill up the whole card. Sandberg rookie from Red Lobster LOL ...who'd of thunk it?

  3. Thanks for the comments, if you guys know of any other regional sets, let me may help fill in the blanks, such as with this set.

    What I am looking for is roughly standard size postcards or stickers or things like that, but actual cards.

  4. I have an unopened set of the '82 Cubs Red Lobster cards and a story to go with them. If you have an interest contact me via (bob.peden at