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1983 Unwanted Cards

Unwanted Cards
This is where I am listing all of the cards I am not interested in keeping, mostly just to provide a service to those who may be interested in having a complete set of cards from all sets in 1983. These cards basically fall into two categories.

From Donruss, we get the 2nd installment of Diamond Kings. In 1983, Donruss wasn't quite digging for subjects for this subset yet, as it features a quality group of players. In fact it might even be a better checklist than in 1982. But of course, I personally was never a fan of the artwork on these cards and it always came across as something an advanced high school art student could've done. I suppose the problem is that if you think about the fact that there was a Diamond King for each team, it would require a painting be completed every two weeks, and that is not counting production time, so it may have been an even tighter time schedule. In the 1982 Donruss packs, three pieces of a Babe Ruth puzzle were given away with the cards. In 1983, Donruss gave out pieces to make up a puzzle of Ty Cobb. This was the first year they put a card in the set to show what the completed puzzle looked like.

From Fleer we got the second year of Super Star Specials. I also always hated these cards for some reason. I could really have cared less about getting a card with, for example, Bo Diaz and Gary Carter, on one card. Fleer also started getting cutesy with this subset in 1983, using a play on names and splitting the subject up over two cards. Essentially, it really is little more that getting a 2nd Bud Black or Vida Blue card, using the example I am picturing here. I am only using two of the Superstar Special cards in the ultimate set, the card commemorating Gaylord Perry's 300th win and the card commemorating Joel Youngblood playing on two teams in one day. I feel these are highlight cards.

Donruss Diamond Kings
__ DO 1 DK Fernando Valenzuela LAD
__ DO 2 DK Rollie Fingers MIL
__ DO 3 DK Reggie Jackson CAL
__ DO 4 DK Jim Palmer BAL
__ DO 5 DK Jack Morris DET
__ DO 6 DK George Foster NYM
__ DO 7 DK Jim Sundberg TEX
__ DO 8 DK Willie Stargell PIT
__ DO 9 DK Dave Stieb TOR
__ DO 10 DK Joe Niekro HOU
__ DO 11 DK Rickey Henderson OAK
__ DO 12 DK Dale Murphy ATL
__ DO 13 DK Toby Harrah CLE
__ DO 14 DK Bill Buckner CHC
__ DO 15 DK Willie Wilson KCR
__ DO 16 DK Steve Carlton PHI
__ DO 17 DK Ron Guidry NYY
__ DO 18 DK Steve Rogers MON
__ DO 19 DK Kent Hrbek MIN
__ DO 20 DK Keith Hernandez STL
__ DO 21 DK Floyd Bannister SEA
__ DO 22 DK Johnny Bench CIN
__ DO 23 DK Britt Burns CHW
__ DO 24 DK Joe Morgan SFG
__ DO 25 DK Carl Yastrzemski BOS
__ DO 26 DK Terry Kennedy SDP

Other Donruss Cards
__ DO 613 ST Niekro Brothers (Phil Niekro, Joe Niekro) XXX
__ DO 648 ST MVP's (Vida Blue, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan) SFG
__ DO 653 ST Ty Cobb (Puzzle) DET

Fleer Superstar Specials
__ FL 629 ST Red Sox All-Stars (Dennis Eckersley, Carl Yastrzemski, Mark Clear) BOS
__ FL 631 ST Pride of Venezuela (Dave Concepcion, Manny Trillo) XXX
__ FL 632 ST All-Star Infielders (Robin Yount, Buddy Bell) XXX
__ FL 633 ST Mr. Vet & Mr. Rookie (Dave Winfield, Kent Hrbek) XXX
__ FL 634 ST Fountain of Youth (Willie Stargell, Pete Rose) XXX
__ FL 635 ST Big Chiefs (Toby Harrah, Andre Thornton) CLE
__ FL 636 ST Smith Bros. (Ozzie Smith, Lonnie Smith) STL
__ FL 637 ST Base Stealers' Threat (Bo Diaz, Gary Carter) XXX
__ FL 638 ST All-Star Catchers (Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter) XXX
__ FL 639 ST Rickey Henderson (The Silver Shoe) OAK
__ FL 640 ST Home Run Threats (Ben Oglivie, Reggie Jackson) XXX
__ FL 642 ST Last Perfect Game (Ron Hassey, Len Barker) CLE
__ FL 643 ST Black & Blue (Vida Blue) KCR
__ FL 644 ST Black & Blue (Bud Black) KCR
__ FL 645 ST Speed & Power (Reggie Jackson) CAL
__ FL 646 ST Speed & Power (Rickey Henderson) OAK

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