Saturday, December 18, 2010

1983 Baltimore Orioles

The 1983 World Champion Baltimore Orioles. This is as good as it has got for the Orioles fans, well, at least through 2010. The 1997 Orioles matched this teams record, but didn't win a World Series. After losing out to the Brewers to make the playoffs in 1982 on the last game of the season, they pretty easily won the AL East in the 1983 season and upset the more favored White Sox in the playoffs to get their first World Series appearance since losing to the Pirates in 1979. This was the first season without Earl Weaver as manager since 1968.

Best Player: Cal Ripken

Best Pitcher: Scott McGregor

All-Stars: Tippy Martinez, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken

Rookie Card of the Year: Storm Davis
Storm Davis went on to have a lengthy career playing with the Orioles, A's, Royals, Padres, and Tigers through 1994 compiling a 113-96 career record.

Other Rookie Cards: Glenn Gulliver, Leo Hernandez, John Shelby

First Orioles cards (other than rookie cards): Joe Altobelli, Aurelio Rodriguez

Most interesting non-Topps card: Bobby Bonner
Bonner had the unfortunate timing of coming up as a shortstop through the Orioles chain at the same time as Cal Ripken. He did appear on Ripken's multi-player rookie card in the 1982 Topps set, and his own card in the 1982 Donruss set and the 1983 Fleer set. That would be all the cards commemorating Bonner's career in the majors, as he was done after 1983.

Other Note: Tito Landrum spent time with the Orioles and Cardinals, and is shown as a Cardinal in his Topps card. He was traded to the Orioles on August 31, so he had no Oriole cards in the traded set, but he appeared in more games with the Orioles, so I am placing him on the Oriole checklist.

Starting Players
__ TO 138 C Rick Dempsey BAL
__ TO 530 1B Eddie Murray BAL
__ TO 579 2B Rich Dauer BAL
__ TO 163 SS Cal Ripken BAL

3B Todd Cruz
__ TO 473 LF John Lowenstein BAL
__ TO 655 CF Al Bumbry BAL
__ TO 683 RF Dan Ford BAL
__ TO 85 DH Ken Singleton BAL
__ TO 605 OF Gary Roenicke BAL
__ TT 102 CF John Shelby BAL

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 745 SP Scott McGregor BAL
__ TO 268 SP Storm Davis BAL

SP Mike Boddicker
__ TO 553 SP Dennis Martinez BAL
__ TO 445 SP Mike Flanagan BAL

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 631 CL Tippy Martinez BAL
__ TO 347 RP Sammy Stewart BAL

SP Allan Ramirez
__ TO 490 SP Jim Palmer BAL
__ TO 217 RP Tim Stoddard BAL

Other Players
__ TO 718 RF Jim Dwyer BAL
__ TT 44 3B Leo Hernandez BAL
__ TO 242 C Joe Nolan BAL
__ TO 319 2B Lenn Sakata BAL
__ TO 59 UT Benny Ayala BAL
__ TT 97 3B Aurelio Rodriguez BAL
__ TO 293 3B Glenn Gulliver BAL
__ TO 337 OF Tito Landrum STL

UT Mike Young

C John Stefero
__ FL 53 UT Bobby Bonner BAL

C Dave Huppert

RP Dan Morogiello

RP Don Welchel

RP Bill Swaggerty
__ TO 12 SP Paul Mirabella TEX

Minor Leaguers
__ TO 166 MN John Pacella MIN

__ TT 3 MG Joe Altobelli BAL


  1. I wish the Orioles would go back to those caps.

  2. I don't think those would ever be used today...too cartoonish, not boring and corporate like most new logos out now