Thursday, February 24, 2011

1983 Chicago Cubs

Here is a team full of young stars that will make their mark on the game over the next decade, which may explain why the Cubs will improve greatly in 1984. Meanwhile, in 1983, the Cubs were having another 90+ loss season.

This may be remembered as the final season of hall-of-famer Fergie Jenkins career. Although he wasn't on the Cubs for his entire career, it is here where he made his mark, winning 20 games each year between 1967-1972 for the Cubs. He only had one other 20 win season with another team (1974 Rangers).

Best Player:
Keith Moreland...led team in batting average, 2nd in OBP, and in top 4 for home runs and RBIs.

Best Pitcher:
Lee Smith...not a good win/loss percentage, but led team in ERA, Saves, and WHIP.

All-Stars: Leon Durham, Lee Smith

Hall-of-Famers: Fergie Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg

Rookie Card of the Year: Joe might think we would say Sandberg here, but he had a card in a regional set issued in 1982. Check the archives of this blog as I had an email exchange with the a relative of the person who took Sandberg's picture. Anyway, Joe Carter, although not quite a hall-of-famer, had a solid career with his high point coming in the 1993 World Series hitting a walk off home run in the final game of the World Series for the Blue Jays. The Cubs had a regional set out in 1983 as well, this time sponsored by Thorn Apple Valley (the Cubs sure knew how to pick partnerships for their cards, also thanks to Wrigley Wax for pointing this out to me). Joe Carter's first card is in this set, predating Donruss by a year and Topps by two years.

Other rookies:
Tom Filer, Mel Hall, Steve Lake, Craig Lefferts, Ryne Sandberg (OK I will list him for people just wanting main stream sets)

First Cub card: Thad Bosley, Warren Brusstar, Ron Cey, Wayne Nordhagen (although this is in an OPC issue, not showing him in a Cubs uniform), Chuck Rainey, Dick Ruthven, Steve Trout, Tom Veryzer

Most interesting non-Topps card:
Joe Carter, read what I wrote under rookie card of the year section...there were 7 cards to get out of that set that weren't in any other sets (noted below with CV in the checklist)...Joe Carter, Steve Lake, Warren Brusstar, Craig Lefferts. Thad Bosley, the team card and the coaches card...outside of that set, the only player on a Cubs card not in the Topps set is Pat Tabler in the Fleer and Donruss sets, he will be listed in the Indians checklist, as he played for them in '83.

__ TO 542 C Jody Davis CHC
__ TO 250 1B Bill Buckner CHC
__ TO 83 2B Ryne Sandberg CHC
__ TO 305 SS Larry Bowa CHC
__ TT 19 3B Ron Cey CHC
__ TO 125 LF Leon Durham CHC
__ TT 39 CF Mel Hall CHC
__ TO 619 RF Keith Moreland CHC

Starting Pitchers
__ TT 92 SP Chuck Rainey CHC
__ TT 117 SP Steve Trout CHC
__ TO 230 SP Fergie Jenkins CHC
__ TT 98 SP Dick Ruthven CHC
__ TO 99 SP Dickie Noles CHC

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 699 CL Lee Smith CHC
__ CV 41 RP Warren Brusstar CHC
__ TO 436 RP Bill Campbell CHC
__ CV 32 RP Craig Lefferts CHC
__ TO 597 RP Mike Proly CHC

Other Players
__ TO 356 OF Gary Woods CHC
__ TO 152 LF Jay Johnstone CHC
__ TO 729 OF Jerry Morales CHC

1B Carmelo Martinez
__ TT 121 SS Tom Veryzer CHC
__ TO 481 LF Scot Thompson CHC
__ CV 16 C Steve Lake CHC
__ CV 20 OF Thad Bosley CHC
__ CV 33 OF Joe Carter CHC
__ TO 714 LF Wayne Nordhagen TOR
__ OP 47 LF Wayne Nordhagen CHC

MI Dan Rohn

IF Dave Owen
__ TO 204 IF Junior Kennedy CHC

OF Tom Grant

3B Fritzie Connally

C Mike Diaz

PH Jay Loviglio

SP Paul Moskau

RP Rich Bordi

SP Rick Reuschel
__ TO 568 RP Willie Hernandez CHC

RP Reggie Patterson

SP Don Schulze

RP Bill Johnson

RP Alan Hargesheimer

Minor Leagues
__ TO 508 MN Tom Filer CHC

__ TO 456 MG Lee Elia CHC

MG Charlie Fox
__ CV 0 CO Cubs Manager/Coaches (Lee Elia, Ruben Amaro, Bily Connors, Duffy Dyer, Fred Koenig, John Vuckovich) CHC
__ CV 0 TM Chicago Cubs CHC

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