Thursday, May 6, 2010

1982 Baltimore Orioles

The '82 Orioles were in contention until the last day when they lost the last game of the season to the Brewers. Not a big deal though, the Orioles would come back and win it all next season.

Here is a link to more Baltimore Orioles cards...Orioles Card "O" The Day.

No doubt, Eddie Murray. He led the team in homers and RBIs to go with a .316 average.

Cy Young
Hall-of-famer Jim Palmer gets the nod, going 15-5 with a 3.13 ERA. This was his last season as a solid pitcher. He had a 5-4 record in 1983 with a 4+ ERA, and then fell off a cliff in 1984 going 0-3 with a 9+ ERA.

Rookie Card of the Year
For the 1982 Orioles, is there really a choice. Cal Ripken of course gets the nod here. He has a card in all 4 of the major sets out in 1982. Of course, for my checklist, since I am starting with Topps and working form there, I am using his Topps Traded card in my checklist.

Interesting Non-Topps card
You can get a Cal Ripken rookie card in mint condition on ebay right now for $1.18 (why the hyper specific $1.18, who knows?). But, unfortunately, that is the rookie card of Cal Ripken Sr. that I am talking about. He was one of the coaches added into the 1982 Donruss set. This card came out 5 years before he became the manager of the Orioles.

__ TO 489 C Rick Dempsey BAL
__ TO 390 1B Eddie Murray BAL
__ TO 8 2B Rich Dauer BAL

3B Glenn Gulliver
__ TT 98 SS Cal Ripken BAL
__ TO 747 LF John Lowenstein BAL
__ TO 265 CF Al Bumbry BAL
__ TT 35 RF Dan Ford BAL
__ TO 290 DH Ken Singleton BAL
__ TO 204 OF Gary Roenicke BAL
__ TO 136 MI Lenn Sakata BAL
__ TT 81 C Joe Nolan BAL

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 712 SP Dennis Martinez BAL
__ TO 80 SP Jim Palmer BAL
__ TO 520 SP Mike Flanagan BAL
__ TO 617 SP Scott McGregor BAL

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 583 CL Tippy Martinez BAL
__ TO 679 RP Sammy Stewart BAL

RP Storm Davis
__ TO 457 RP Tim Stoddard BAL

RP Ross Grimsley

Other Players
__ TO 359 RF Jim Dwyer BAL
__ TO 331 UT Benny Ayala BAL
__ TO 232 UT Terry Crowley BAL
__ DO 610 SS Bobby Bonner BAL

3B Floyd Rayford

CF John Shelby
__ TO 648 PH Jose Morales BAL

UT Mike Young

PH Leo Hernandez

RP Don Stanhouse

RP Mike Boddicker

RP John Flinn

RP Don Welchel

__ DO 27 MG Earl Weaver BAL
__ DO 579 CO Cal Ripken, Sr. BAL

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