Thursday, May 13, 2010

1982 Boston Red Sox

A few of the '86 Red Sox got their first taste of major league experience on this team; Wade Boggs, Marty Barrett, and Oil Can Boyd. Unfortunately none had cards in 1982.

Dwight Evans led the team in home runs and RBI to go with a .402 OBP. Others to mention include Jim Rice who had one less RBI than Dewey Evans to go with a .309 batting average and Wade Boggs in about 2/3 of a season with a .349 batting average.

Cy Young
Can't decide who to choose here. Nobody really stands out. There were a couple of players out of the bullpen that put together solid years in Bob Stanley and Mark Clear, but Dennis Eckersley was the ace of this staff, so I will give it to him.

Rookie Card of the Year
This will go to Carlton Fisk's replacement at catcher, Rich Gedman. Gedman put together a few solid years, even being named to the all-star team in 1985 and 1986, but he fell apart after 1986.

Interesting Non-Topps card
Bruce Hurst was on the Red Sox prospects card in the regular Topps set in both 1981 and 1982, but finally got his own card in the 1982 Fleer set. He didn't do much for this 1982 team, but was a solid pitcher for the Red Sox from 1983-1988 and for the Padres from 1989-1992 before winding down his career as a Rockie and a Ranger in 1993-1994.

__ TO 686 C Gary Allenson BOS
__ TO 589 1B Dave Stapleton BOS
__ TO 25 2B Jerry Remy BOS
__ TO 91 3B Carney Lansford BOS
__ TO 189 SS Glenn Hoffman BOS
__ TO 750 LF Jim Rice BOS
__ TO 717 CF Rick Miller BOS
__ TO 355 RF Dwight Evans BOS
__ TO 650 DH Carl Yastrzemski BOS

CI Wade Boggs
__ TO 59 C Rich Gedman BOS
__ TO 124 OF Reid Nichols BOS

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 490 SP Dennis Eckersley BOS
__ TO 558 SP John Tudor BOS
__ TO 225 SP Mike Torrez BOS
__ TO 522 SP Chuck Rainey BOS
__ FL 297 SP Bruce Hurst BOS

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 289 CL Bob Stanley BOS
__ TO 421 RP Mark Clear BOS
__ TO 455 RP Tom Burgmeier BOS

RP Luis Aponte
__ TO 274 SP Bob Ojeda BOS

SP Brian Denman

Other Players
__ TO 255 DH Tony Perez BOS

UT Ed Jurak
__ DO 560 UT Julio Valdez BOS

2B Marty Barrett
__ TO 322 RF Garry Hancock BOS

C Roger LaFrancois

C Marc Sullivan
__ TO 157 RP Steve Crawford BOS

RP Oil Can Boyd

RP Mike Brown

Minor Leaguers
__ TO 527 MN John Henry Johnson TEX


MG Ralph Houk


  1. Always liked the Evens and Gedman cards. One's all action, the other is a vet who's poised during an interview.

  2. Actually, something else kind of cool on that Evans that an early ESPN mike? ESPN would've been around for only two years when that picture would've been taken.