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1981 - Miscellaneous Cards


This is where I put the cards that don't fit into the team sets...the highlights, record breakers, all-stars, rookie prospects, etc.

In 1981, Topps subsets included record breakers, league leaders, and post season highlights. I am putting the future stars subset under this heading as many of the players featured on them had their own cards in other sets. I am also putting the team cards here as I am trying to just put individual players into team sets.

I am only including Topps checklists as my goal is to complete every Topps set and then go from there, so the checklists will go under this category.

As for Fleer...there were a handful of cards sprinkled throughout the set that weren't quite the Super Star Specials the company would be known for in later years, but noted star players and their special achievements. I have included them as I think they tell the story of baseball around 1980.

In the Donruss set for 1981, mostly they just produced multiple cards for a handful of players, which I have not included in the ultimate checklist. Donruss did have special cards for the various award winners from 1980 and one card featuring George Brett and Rod Carew that I am including in this checklist.

Checklist Abbreviations
TO=Topps, TT=Topps Traded, FL=Fleer, DO=Donruss, HL=Highlights (including Record Breakers), SS=Superstar Specials, LD=League Leaders, TM=Team Cards, AW=Award Winners, PS=Post Season Highlights, RK=Future Stars (3 players per card), CH=Checklist

Here are the miscellaneous cards checklist for 1981:
__ TO 201 HL Johnny Bench (Most Home Runs Catcher)
__ TO 202 HL Steve Carlton (Most Strikeouts, Lefthander, Lifetime)
__ TO 203 HL Bill Gullickson (Most Strikeouts, Game, Rookie Season)
__ TO 204 HL Ron LeFlore/Rodney Scott (Most Stolen Bases, Teammates, Season)
__ TO 205 HL Pete Rose (Most Consecutive Seasons, 600-or-more-At-bats)
__ TO 206 HL Mike Schmidt (Most Home Runs, Third Baseman, Season)
__ TO 207 HL Ozzie Smith (Most Assists, Shortstop, Season)
__ TO 208 HL Willie Wilson (Most At-Bats, Season)
__ FL 655 HL George Brett (.390 Average)
__ FL 638 HL Carl Yastrzemski (400 Home Run Club)
__ DO 537 SS Best Hitters (George Brett, Rod Carew)
__ FL 195 SS Doug DeCinces (Golden Glove)
__ FL 202 SS George Foster (Slugger)
__ FL 645 SS Triple Threat (Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, Larry Bowa)
__ FL 650 SS Reggie Jackson (Mr. Baseball)
__ FL 657 SS Tug McGraw (Game Saver)
__ FL 660 SS Steve Carlton ("Lefty" The Golden Arm)
__ TO 1 LD 1980 Batting Leaders (George Brett, Bill Buckner)
__ TO 2 LD 1980 Home Run Leaders (Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt)
__ TO 3 LD 1980 Runs Batted In Ldrs (Cecil Cooper, Mike Schmidt)
__ TO 4 LD 1980 Stolen Base Leaders (Rickey Henderson, Ron LeFlore)
__ TO 5 LD 1980 Victory Leaders (Steve Stone, Steve Carlton)
__ TO 6 LD 1980 Strikeout Leaders (Len Barker, Steve Carlton)
__ TO 7 LD 1980 Earned Run Avg Ldrs (Rudy May, Don Sutton)
__ TO 8 LD 1980 Leading Firemen (Dan Quisenberry, Rollie Fingers, Tom Hume)
__ FL 351 LD Rickey Henderson (Most Stolen Bases AL)
__ FL 606 LD Steve Garvey (Most Hits NL)
__ FL 653 LD Willie Wilson (Most Hits, Most Runs)
__ FL 640 LD Mike Schmidt (1980 Home Run King)
__ TO 661 TM Baltimore Orioles
__ TO 662 TM Boston Red Sox
__ TO 663 TM California Angels
__ TO 664 TM Chicago White Sox
__ TO 665 TM Cleveland Indians
__ TO 666 TM Detroit Tigers
__ TO 667 TM Kansas City Royals
__ TO 668 TM Milwaukee Brewers
__ TO 669 TM Minnesota Twins
__ TO 670 TM New York Yankees
__ TO 671 TM Oakland A's
__ TO 672 TM Seattle Mariners
__ TO 673 TM Texas Rangers
__ TO 674 TM Toronto Blue Jays
__ TO 675 TM Atlanta Braves
__ TO 676 TM Chicago Cubs
__ TO 677 TM Cincinnati Reds
__ TO 678 TM Houston Astros
__ TO 679 TM Los Angeles Dodgers
__ TO 680 TM Montreal Expos
__ TO 681 TM New York Mets
__ TO 682 TM Philadelphia Phillies
__ TO 683 TM Pittsburgh Pirates
__ TO 684 TM St. Louis Cardinals
__ TO 685 TM San Diego Padres
__ TO 686 TM San Francisco Giants
__ TO 401 PS A.L. Championships (Royals sweep Yankees)
__ TO 402 PS N.L. Championships (Phillies Squeak Past Astros)
__ TO 403 PS 1980 World Series (Phillies Beat Royals In 6)
__ TO 404 PS 1980 World Series (Phillies Win First World Series)
__ FL 483 PS Amos Otis (Series Starter)
__ DO 491 AW George Brett (MVP)
__ DO 590 AW Mike Schmidt (MVP)
__ DO 591 AW Steve Stone (Cy Young 1980)
__ DO 481 AW Steve Carlton (Cy Young 1980)
__ TO 96 RK A's Future Stars (Dave Beard, Ernie Camacho, Pat Dempsey)
__ TO 214 RK Angels Future Stars (Ralph Botting, Jim Dorsey, John Harris)
__ TO 82 RK Astros Future Stars (Danny Heep, Alan Knicely, Bobby Sprowl)
__ TO 577 RK Blue Jays Future Stars (Luis Leal, Brian Milner, Ken Schrom)
__ TO 192 RK Braves Future Stars (Terry Harper, Ed Miller, Rafael Ramirez)
__ TO 659 RK Brewers Future Stars (John Flinn, Ed Romero, Ned Yost)
__ TO 244 RK Cardinals Future Stars (Tito Landrum, Al Olmsted, Andy Rincon)
__ TO 381 RK Cubs Future Stars (Carlos Lezcano, Steve Macko, Randy Martz)
__ TO 302 RK Dodgers Future Stars (Jack Perconte, Mike Scioscia, Fernando Valenzuela)
__ TO 479 RK Expos Future Stars (Tim Raines, Roberto Ramos, Bobby Pate)
__ TO 502 RK Giants Future Stars (Chris Bourjos, Al Hargesheimer, Mike Rowland)
__ TO 451 RK Indians Future Stars (Chris Bando, Tom Brennan, Sandy Wihtol)
__ TO 282 RK Mariners Future Stars (Rick Anderson, Greg Biercevicz, Rodney Craig)
__ TO 259 RK Mets Future Stars (Juan Berenguer, Hubie Brooks, Mookie Wilson)
__ TO 399 RK Orioles Future Stars (Mike Boddicker, Mark Corey, Floyd Rayford)
__ TO 356 RK Padres Future Stars (George Stablein, Craig Stimac, Tom Tellman)
__ TO 526 RK Phillies Future Stars (Marty Bystrom, Jay Loviglio, Jim Wright)
__ TO 551 RK Pirates Future Stars (Vance Law, Tony Pena, Pascual Perez)
__ TO 41 RK Rangers Future Stars (Bob Babcock, John Butcher, Jerry Don Gleaton)
__ TO 689 RK Red Sox Future Stars (Bruce Hurst, Keith MacWhorter, Reid Nichols)
__ TO 606 RK Reds Future Stars (Bruce Berenyi, Geoff Combe, Paul Householder)
__ TO 66 RK Royals Future Stars (Manny Castillo, Tim Ireland, Mike Jones)
__ TO 626 RK Tigers Future Stars (Dave Steffen, Jerry Ujdur, Roger Weaver)
__ TO 328 RK Twins Future Stars (Dave Engle, Greg Johnston, Gary Ward)
__ TO 112 RK White Sox Future Stars (Rusty Kuntz, Fran Mullins, Leo Sutherland)
__ TO 424 RK Yankees Future Stars (Tim Lollar, Bruce Robinson, Dennis Werth)
__ TO 31 CH Checklist 1-121
__ TO 241 CH Checklist 122-242
__ TO 338 CH Checklist 243-363
__ TO 446 CH Checklist 364-484
__ TO 562 CH Checklist 485-605
__ TO 638 CH Checklist 606-726
__ TT 858 CH Checklist 727-858

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