Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Extra - 1982 Brigham's - Coca Cola Boston Red Sox

I found out about this set listed on the wikipedia page for 1982 Topps. From what I can tell, it was a set sponsored by both Coca-Cola and Brigham's Ice Cream. Since I am from the midwest, I never heard of that brand of ice cream and apparently it is a New England brand. I have no idea how these cards were distributed. It appears very similar to the 1982 Topps set, except it has logos of the two companies on the card. Also, since I own none of these cards, I can't verify this, but looking at ebay auctions, it appears these cards are brighter than the regular 1982 Topps cards, perhaps they were printed on different card stock. Perhaps a Red Sox fan can fill in the blanks about this set.

I thought this may help my checklist for the 1982 Boston Red Sox, which I actually already posted. Although it is nice 22 card regional set, it is no use for this project. It actually has the same checklist for the Boston Red Sox as the regular Topps set, except there is no cards for Bill Campbell, Joe Rudi, or Frank Tanana in addition to the team leader card and future stars card. The reason for those three not appearing in the set? They were the only 3 Red Sox in the regular Topps set who didn't play for the Red Sox in 1982, so this set must've came out sometime during the 1982 season. There are also no cards for Red Sox players who appeared in the traded set, so it must've came out before the traded set.


  1. Campbell, Rudi, & Tanana were all out of Boston before Jan 7, '82, but I'm not sure when the traded set hit the market.

  2. Brighams was a local Ice Cream Parlor/restaurant based out of Arlington Massachusetts. The cards were distributed to customers when you bought an ice cream cone. The card stock was definitely different, as the back of the card was red, not the normal green. They were 3 cards per pack, which were wrapped in clear plastic wrapper. There was also a Brighams logo card in each pack.

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