Friday, January 21, 2011

1983 Houston Astros

How imbalanced was baseball's divisions in 1983. I've commented on the depth of the AL East before, but this is the third team I am covering from the old NL West, and I still haven't touched the 2nd place teams in the AL West or NL East. The Astros started slowly but got to 85 wins. Just four games above .500 (or is that 8?) and still no second place team out of two divisions.

The Astros big news in 1983 was Nolan Ryan passing the career strikeout record previously held by Walter Johnson. Ryan shattered this record eventually by nearly 2000 K, and although no record is unbreakable, it will take a pretty special pitcher to break Ryan's record of 5714 strikeouts.

Best Player: Tough decision between Jose Cruz and a break out season by Dickie Thon, but I will give this to Cruz

Best Pitcher: Nolan Ryan

All-Stars: Bill Dawley, Dickie Thon....really Bill Dawley, not the token player since Thon was on the team, but he was 6-6 with a respectable ERA, but didn't lead the team in saves

Hall-of-Famers: Nolan Ryan

Rookie Card of the Year: Bill Doran

Other rookie cards: Frank DiPino, Alan Knicely (under players on new teams, did appear on the Astros prospects card in 1981), Mike Madden

First Astro cards: George Cappuzzello (under retired players), Randy Moffitt (under players on new teams), Omar Moreno, Mike Scott

Most interesting non-Topps card: There were no cards not in one of the Topps sets

__ TO 774 C Alan Ashby HOU
__ TO 275 1B Ray Knight HOU
__ TT 26 2B Bill Doran HOU
__ TO 558 SS Dickie Thon HOU
__ TO 478 3B Phil Garner HOU
__ TO 585 LF Jose Cruz HOU
__ TT 76 CF Omar Moreno HOU
__ TO 39 RF Terry Puhl HOU
Starting Pitchers
__ TO 221 SP Joe Niekro HOU
__ TO 360 SP Nolan Ryan HOU
__ TO 382 SP Bob Knepper HOU
__ TT 100 SP Mike Scott HOU
Relief Pitchers
__ TT 25 CL Frank DiPino HOU

RP Bill Dawley
__ TO 172 RP Vern Ruhle HOU
__ TT 64 RP Mike Madden HOU
__ TO 247 RP Dave Smith HOU
__ TO 92 RP Mike LaCoss HOU
Other Players

RF Kevin Bass
__ TO 507 OF Tony Scott HOU

CF Jerry Mumphrey
__ TO 692 UT Denny Walling HOU
__ TO 328 MI Craig Reynolds HOU

C John Mizerock
__ TO 752 C Luis Pujols HOU

C George Bjorkman
__ TO 193 UT Harry Spilman HOU

UT Tim Tolman

OF Scott Loucks

SS Bert Pena
__ TO 14 RP Frank LaCorte HOU

SP Jeff Heathcock

RP Julio Solano
Minor Leagues
__ TO 639 MN Art Howe HOU
__ TO 611 MN Bert Roberge HOU
__ TO 662 MN Joe Sambito HOU
__ TO 66 MG Bob Lillis HOU

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