Thursday, January 27, 2011

1983 Montreal Expos

From 1979 - 1983 (I know, using multiple endpoints is a bad idea), the Expos were the best team in the National League record wise. All they had to show for it was a loss in the 1981 NLCS. Bill Virdon, an experienced manager was brought in to turn the team around after a disappointing 1982 season. They had several solid all-stars and hall-of-famers. On paper, this team should've blown away the Phillies. The problem was a lack of starting pitching beyond the first three and a thin bench that was rarely used. The team of the 1980s was never to be.

Best Player: I can't decide between Tim Raines or Andre I will award co-MVPs for this team.

Best Pitcher: Steve Rogers...Rogers and Bill Gullickson had identical 17-12 records, but Rogers had a better ERA and led the team in strikeouts.

All-Stars: Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Al Oliver, Tim Raines, Steve Rogers

Hall-of-Famers: Gary Carter, Andre Dawson

Rookie Card of the Year: Bryn Smith...I probably have a slightly different definition of a rookie card than most collectors (hey, it is my collection) as I have always hated those multi-player rookie cards. Bryn Smith gets his first solo card in the Topps set. Smith didn't have much of a season in 1983, but would go onto win 18 games in 1985 and wrap up his career as a member of the inaugural Colorado Rockies team in 1993.

Other Rookie Cards: Mike Gates (listed under retired players), Roy Johnson, Bryan Little

First Expo Cards: Terry Crowley, Doug Flynn, Randy Lerch, Dan Norman (listed under retired players), Mike Vail, Bill Virdon, Chris Welsh, Jim Wohlford, Joel Youngblood (listed under players on new teams)

Most interesting non-Topps card: Roy Johnson...wasn't really on the Expos roster in 1983, as he played for the AA Wichita Aeros, not a very interesting career either, as he cups of coffee with the Expos in 1982, 1984, and 1985 and that was it.

Other notes: Wallace Johnson is shown as an Expo in the Fleer set, but logged more playing time with the Giants in 1983, so he will be listed on the Giants checklist. Manny Trillo played on the Phillies in 1982 and had three cards in the regular Topps set (his regular card, all-star, and a record breaker card) showing him as a Phillie. Trillo was sent to the Indians in the trade that sent Von Hayes to the Phillies. He is shown as an Indian in the 1983 Traded set. He even started the 1983 All-Star game for the American League. The Expos acquired Trillo in August of 1983, to late for the Traded his regular Phillies card is listed on this checklist.

__ TO 370 C Gary Carter MON
__ TO 420 1B Al Oliver MON
__ TO 169 2B Doug Flynn MON
__ TO 768 SS Chris Speier MON
__ TO 552 3B Tim Wallach MON
__ TO 595 LF Tim Raines MON
__ TO 680 CF Andre Dawson MON
__ TO 495 RF Warren Cromartie MON
__ TT 62 MI Bryan Little MON
Starting Pitchers
__ TO 320 SP Steve Rogers MON
__ TO 31 SP Bill Gullickson MON
__ TO 629 SP Charlie Lea MON
__ TO 717 SP Scott Sanderson MON
Relief Pitchers
__ TO 290 CL Jeff Reardon MON
__ TO 447 RP Bryn Smith MON
__ TO 474 RP Ray Burris MON
__ TO 189 RP Dan Schatzeder MON

RP Bob James
Other Players
__ TO 267 RF Terry Francona MON
__ TT 128 RF Jim Wohlford MON
__ TO 535 2B Manny Trillo PHI
__ TT 93 C Bobby Ramos MON
__ TT 119 UT Mike Vail MON
__ TT 22 1B Terry Crowley MON
__ TO 214 OF Jerry White MON

UT Mike Stenhouse

SS Angel Salazar
__ TO 744 CI Brad Mills MON
__ TO 57 C Tim Blackwell MON

OF Gene Roof

PH Mike Fuentes

PH Wallace Johnson

LF Razor Shines

IF Mike Phillips

C Tom Wieghaus
__ TT 125 RP Chris Welsh MON
__ TO 686 RP Randy Lerch MON

RP Greg Bargar

RP Rick Grapenthin

RP Tom Dixon
__ TO 137 RP Woodie Fryman MON
__ DO 492 MN Roy Johnson MON
__ TO 164 MN David Palmer MON
__ TO 516 MG Bill Virdon MON

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