Thursday, March 18, 2010

1981 Boston Red Sox

Which team had the most hall-of-famers in 1981?
That would be the Boston Red Sox with 4.

Can you name them?
Jim Rice and Carl Yastrzemski come up right away because they are always associated with the Red Sox, but Dennis Eckersley and Tony Perez were also on this roster.

Funny thing is, the best player in 1981 for the Red Sox was none of those four. It was by far and away, Dwight Evans. It was the odd combination where some of the hall of famers were at the end of their career and others were at the beginning. Jim Rice may be the only one of the four who would be considered to be in his prime in 1981.

Before the season, the Red Sox got rid of a lot of their key players from the 1975 World Series runner-up team and the infamous 1978 team. Two separate trades were made that sent Butch Hobson, Fred Lynn, and Rick Burleson to the Angels. They received Carney Lansford, Frank Tanana, Joe Rudi, Rick Miller and a few others. Not sure if any of these trades made any difference to either team, because most of these players had no impact on either team after 1984, and the Angels only took one division title in that time. Carlton Fisk was also gone after 1980 to sign as a free agent with the Chicago White Sox. This move probably hurt as Fisk would go on to play as a solid catcher for another decade and the Red Sox struggled to find a good catcher until Tony Pena came around in 1990.


C Rich Gedman
__ TO 575 1B Tony Perez BOS
__ TO 549 2B Jerry Remy BOS
__ TT 788 3B Carney Lansford BOS
__ TO 349 SS Glenn Hoffman BOS
__ TO 500 LF Jim Rice BOS
__ TT 803 CF Rick Miller BOS
__ TO 275 RF Dwight Evans BOS
__ TO 110 DH Carl Yastrzemski BOS
__ TO 81 IF Dave Stapleton BOS

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 525 SP Mike Torrez BOS
__ TO 620 SP Dennis Eckersley BOS
__ TT 841 SP Frank Tanana BOS

SP Bob Ojeda
__ TO 14 SP John Tudor BOS

SP Steve Crawford

Relief Pitchers
__ TT 748 CL Mark Clear BOS
__ TO 421 RP Bob Stanley BOS
__ TO 320 RP Tom Burgmeier BOS
__ TO 396 RP Bill Campbell BOS
__ TO 199 RP Chuck Rainey BOS

Other Players
__ TO 128 C Gary Allenson BOS
__ TT 826 DH Joe Rudi BOS

UT Reid Nichols

C Dave F. Schmidt
__ FL 229 UT Garry Hancock BOS

SS Julio Valdez

2B Chico Walker

LF Tom Poquette

C John Lickert

SP Bruce Hurst

RP Luis Aponte

__ TO 649 MN Manny Sarmiento SEA


MG Ralph Houk

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