Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ultimate Set Hall of Fame - Willie Stargell

I am going to try something here with players that retire whenever I feel like writing something a little different than the typical team checklist. I am creating a Hall of Fame and then providing a checklist for that player in the Ultimate Set era (1981 - present). The first player I am putting in my Hall of Fame is Willie Stargell. Not that he is my favorite player or the best player in my opinion, but because the 1983 contain his last cards as a current player.

Stargell was a solid player whose career lasted from 1962-1982, all played with the Pirates. As definition of a team leader, he was NL MVP in 1979 at age 39. He finished his career with 475 homers and was elected to the real Hall-of-Fame in 1988.

The checklist below represents the very tail end of this good career and only the cards that would be in the Ultimate Set. The team listed is the team checklist that this card will be found in. If you want a complete checklist of all of Stargell's cards, click on this link. Just noticed when finding the pictures for this post that the same photo used in his 1981 Topps card is used again in the 1982 set for his in action card. The exact same photo, not a photo taken 2 seconds later.

Ultimate Set Cards
__ 1981 - Topps #380 - Pittsburgh Pirates
__ 1982 - Topps #715 - Pittsburgh Pirates
__ 1982 - Topps #716 (In Action) - Special Cards
__ 1983 - Fleer #324 (or Donruss #610) - Retired Players

Other Possible Cards (listing these for those interested in the extra cards from sets other than Topps)
__ 1983 - Donruss #8 (Diamond King)
__ 1983 - Fleer #634 (Superstar Special, Fountain of Youth w/ Pete Rose)

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  1. Stargell deserves a star.

    The '82 in Action Johnny Bench card was apparently a photo from 1980 also.