Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1983 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox had the two leading home run hitters in the AL in Jim Rice and Tony Armas, but 1983 was the coming out party for Wade Boggs, as he led the AL with a .361 batting average. But offensively, they were in the middle of the pack in runs scored as a team.

1983 is probably remembered by Red Sox fans mostly because this was the last season for Carl Yastrzemski, who had been a Red Sox player since 1961. He was 43 this season, and still served as the team's DH.

Best Player: Wade Boggs

Best Pitcher: Bob Stanley

All-Stars: Jim Rice, Bob Stanley, Carl Yastrzemski

Hall-of-Famers: Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley, Jim Rice, Carl Yastrzemski

Rookie Card of the Year: Wade Boggs, hall of famer with over 3,000 career of the key rookie cards to get in the 1983 sets

Other rookies: Luis Aponte, Mike Brown, Roger LaFrancois (listed under retired players)

First Red Sox cards: Tony Armas, Doug Bird, Ralph Houk, Jeff Newman

Most interesting non-Topps cards: all the players on cards had cards in the Topps sets

Other notes: counting Steve Crawford, who was in the Red Sox minor leagues, but had a card and the manager spot, there are only 33 slots to fill for this Red Sox team. This is the lowest amount for any team in 1983. With that said, there are still 8 players that don't have cards in any set.

__ TO 472 C Gary Allenson BOS
__ TO 239 1B Dave Stapleton BOS
__ TO 295 2B Jerry Remy BOS
__ TO 108 SS Glenn Hoffman BOS
__ TO 498 3B Wade Boggs BOS
__ TO 30 LF Jim Rice BOS
__ TT 4 CF Tony Armas BOS
__ TO 135 RF Dwight Evans BOS
__ TO 550 DH Carl Yastrzemski BOS
__ TO 446 UT Reid Nichols BOS
__ TO 188 OF Rick Miller BOS

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 318 SP John Tudor BOS
__ TO 82 SP Bruce Hurst BOS
__ TO 654 SP Bob Ojeda BOS
__ TO 270 SP Dennis Eckersley BOS

SP Oil Can Boyd
__ TT 15 SP Mike Brown BOS

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 682 CL Bob Stanley BOS
__ TO 577 RP Luis Aponte BOS

RP John Henry Johnson
__ TO 162 RP Mark Clear BOS
__ TT 12 RP Doug Bird BOS

Other Players
__ TO 602 C Rich Gedman BOS

IF Ed Jurak
__ TT 80 C Jeff Newman BOS

UT Marty Barrett
__ TO 628 UT Julio Valdez BOS

SS Jackie Gutierrez

CF Lee Graham

LF Chico Walker

SP Al Nipper

Minor Leagues
__ TO 419 MN Steve Crawford BOS

__ TO 786 MG Ralph Houk BOS

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