Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1983 Kansas City Royals

We get to the first of the teams in 1983 with a sub-.500 record and finally to the team that finished 2nd in the old AL West. The Royals were between their solid teams from the late 1970s and the team that would finally win a World Series in 1985. This team had pretty decent offense, but weak pitching. This would be fixed when they won the World Series just two years later with a strong group of young pitchers, some of which start appearing in 1983. Of course, it is impossible to mention the 1983 Royals season without mentioning the pine tar incident involving George Brett. If you are interested in knowing more about that, check out this wikipedia entry. It is wikipedia, so take it for what it is worth.

Best Player
: Dan Quisenberry, he led the AL with a then record setting 45 saves, a sub 2.00 ERA, and pitched in more innings than all but three starters on this team. Should've won the Cy Young award for the AL, but being on a losing team probably hurt his cause.

Best Pitcher: Dan Quisenberry, outside of Quis, this was not a very good pitching team

All-Stars: George Brett, Dan Quisenberry, Willie Wilson
Hall-of-Famers: George Brett, Gaylord Perry

Rookie Card of the Year: Buddy Black, current manager of the Padres. In his playing days that actually started with the Mariners in 1981 and lasted through 1995 with the Indians, he ended up with 121 wins. The lefty also saw playing time with the Giants and Blue Jays.

Other rookie cards: Onix Concepcion, Keith Creel, Steve Hammond (listed under retired players), Don Slaught

First Royal cards
: Mike Armstrong, Bill Castro, Don Hood, Dick Howser, Steve Renko, Leon Roberts, Joe Simpson

Most interesting non-Topps card
: Don Slaught, another rookie card of a long time major leaguer. The catcher's career lasted through 1997 with the Padres. He also logged time with the Rangers, Yankees, Pirates, Angels, White Sox. His cards appear in both the Donruss and Fleer sets, but not in either Topps set.

Other notes: Eric Rasmussen is shown as a Cardinal on his 1983 Topps card, but logged more time on the Royals in 1983, so his card is listed here.

__ TO 746 C John Wathan KCR
__ TO 136 1B Willie Aikens KCR
__ TO 525 2B Frank White KCR
__ TO 687 SS U L Washington KCR
__ TO 600 3B George Brett KCR

LF Pat Sheridan
__ TO 710 CF Willie Wilson KCR
__ TO 75 RF Amos Otis KCR
__ TO 25 DH Hal McRae KCR
__ FL 123 C Don Slaught (or DO 196)
__ TO 52 IF Onix Concepcion KCR

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 340 SP Larry Gura KCR
__ TO 238 SP Buddy Black KCR
__ TO 316 SP Paul Splittorff KCR
__ TT 95 SP Steve Renko KCR

SP Gaylord Perry
__ TO 570 SP Vida Blue KCR

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 155 CL Dan Quisenberry KCR
__ TO 219 RP Mike Armstrong KCR
__ TO 785 SP Dennis Leonard KCR
__ TO 594 SP Eric Rasmussen STL
__ DO 574 RP Keith Creel KCR

Other Players
__ TT 96 OF Leon Roberts KCR
__ TT 104 UT Joe Simpson KCR

LF Butch Davis
__ TO 418 3B Greg Pryor KCR
__ TO 194 RF Cesar Geronimo KCR

RF Darryl Motley
__ TO 626 RF Jerry Martin KCR

3B Cliff Pastornicky

UT Ron Johnson

SS Buddy Biancalana
__ TO 443 RP Don Hood KCR
__ FL 109 RP Bill Castro KCR

SP Frank Wills

RP Mark Huismann

SP Danny Jackson

RP Bob Tufts

__ TO 96 MG Dick Howser KCR


  1. In '83, Quiz led his whole team in WAR. He's the last closer to do that (minimum 4 WAR).

  2. I looked up what WAR is, not sure I knew what it was. By way of comparison, Quis was 1 WAR better than Willie Hernandez who won the Cy Young and MVP just one year later, and 2 better than Dennis Eckersley who won both awards in 1992. Those were the first two that came to mind that had phenomenal seasons as a reliever. Eric Gagne was about the same as Hernandez in 2003, for relievers of more recent vintage.