Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1983 Minnesota Twins

Here is the third team that ended 1983 with a 70-92 record. Even though they had similar records, they were all going in different directions. The Angels had won the division in '79 and '82, and were trending downward, although they would make another playoff appearance in '86. The Indians hadn't done anything in years and it would be another decade before they were serious contenders. Meanwhile, the Twins had a rough few years to start out the '80s, but the core of the teams that would win a World Series title in 1987 and 1991 started to appear in 1982, so there rookie cards start appearing in the 1983 sets.

Best Player:
Kent Hrbek

Best Pitcher:
Ken Schrom...best pitcher going 15-8 with a sub 4.00 ERA, but he had no card in any of the 1983 sets. This is where a regional Twins set may come in handy if one was ever created.

All-Stars: Gary Ward


Rookie Card of the Year:
Gary Gaetti, long time 3rd baseman played through the 2000 season with the Twins, Angels, Royals, Cardinals, Cubs, and Red Sox. He finished his career with 2280 hits and 360 home runs.

Other rookie cards:
Paul Boris (listed under retired players), Randy Bush, Jim Eisenreich, Lenny Faedo, Terry Felton (listed under retired players), Jeff Little (listed under retired players), Jesus Vega (listed under retired players), Frank Viola, Len Whitehouse

First Twin card: Bobby Mitchell, John Pacella (listed under Baltimore Orioles)

Most interesting non-Topps card: no Twin appeared on a card only in sets other than Topps or Topps Traded

Other notes: Sal Butera appeared on a Topps card as a Twin, but played only with the Tigers in 1983, his card can be found in the Detroit Tigers checklist. John Pacella appeared on a Topps card as a Twin, but pitched in the minor league system of the Baltimore Orioles in 1983, his card can be found in the Baltimore Orioles checklist.

__ TO 294 C Dave Engle MIN
__ TO 690 1B Kent Hrbek MIN
__ TO 93 2B John Castino MIN
__ TO 458 SS Ron Washington MIN
__ TO 431 3B Gary Gaetti MIN
__ TO 517 LF Gary Ward MIN

CF Darrell Brown
__ TO 232 RF Tom Brunansky MIN
__ TT 17 DH Randy Bush MIN
__ TO 121 UT Mickey Hatcher MIN

Starting Pitchers

SP Ken Schrom
__ TO 731 SP Albert Williams MIN
__ TO 586 SP Frank Viola MIN
__ TO 327 SP Bobby Castillo MIN
__ TO 751 SP Brad Havens MIN

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 380 CL Ron Davis MIN

RP Rick Lysander

RP Pete Filson
__ TT 126 RP Len Whitehouse MIN

RP Mike Walters
__ TO 33 RP Jack O'Connor MIN

Other Players
__ TO 529 C Tim Laudner MIN
__ TO 671 SS Lenny Faedo MIN
__ TO 647 CF Bobby Mitchell MIN

C Ray Smith

CF Rusty Kuntz

SS Houston Jimenez

1B Scott Ullger

2B Tim Teufel

SS Greg Gagne
__ TO 197 CF Jim Eisenreich MIN

UT Tack Wilson

SP Bryan Oelkers

SP Jay Pettibone

RP Jim Lewis

__ TO 11 MG Billy Gardner MIN

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