Thursday, March 24, 2011

1984 Retired Players

Here are the players that never played a game after 1984 (or sat out 1984) but have a card in one of the 1984 sets. There were four players who hung it up after 1983 that ended up in the hall-of-fame with cards in 1984 (all pictured above). What is cool about this is that you can get their entire career stats on one card.

One cool thing (or cool to me) is the old school ESPN logo on the microphone on Johnny Bench's card. Since ESPN debuted in 1979, this may be the earliest reference to ESPN on a baseball card. I wonder who it is that is doing the interviewing?

And what is up with Gaylord Perry's card? Do you realize he was only 44 when this picture was taken. I am only 7 years away from that, and good god, I hope I don't look that old. He looks at least 60 in that photo. What is even funnier is that he looks like grandpa asking you to pull his finger in that card. Not a good way to go out.

There are actually less players in this situation in the 1984 sets than there is in any other year we've looked at so far. So we get more active players in the sets this year. One interesting case is Bert Campaneris. This is the second time he is listed under retired players, as he was listed under the retired players checklist for 1982 as well. He came back in 1983, and Topps put his final card in the 1984 set showing him with the Yankees. Warren Cromartie is on this list as he went on to play in Japan, and he will show up again in sets in the early 1990s.

__ TO 744 RT Jamie Allen SEA
__ TO 497 RT Bud Anderson CLE
__ TO 284 RT Howard Bailey DET
__ DO 608 RT Rich Barnes CLE
__ TO 282 RT Jim Barr SFG
__ FL 462 RT Johnny Bench CIN
__ TO 283 RT Larry Biittner TEX
__ TO 82 RT Doug Bird BOS
__ TO 116 RT George Bjorkman HOU
__ TO 168 RT Juan Bonilla SDP
__ TO 316 RT Mark Bradley NYM
__ TO 139 RT Bert Campaneris NYY
__ TO 562 RT Manny Castillo SEA
__ TO 252 RT Larry Christenson PHI
__ TO 159 RT Darryl Cias OAK
__ TO 287 RT Warren Cromartie MON
__ TO 732 RT Terry Crowley MON
__ TO 167 RT Marshall Edwards MIL
__ TO 544 RT Cesar Geronimo KCR
__ TO 163 RT Lorenzo Gray CHW
__ TO 448 RT Ben Hayes CIN
__ TO 13 RT Scott Holman NYM
__ TO 743 RT Don Hood KCR
__ TO 621 RT Frank Howard NYM
__ TO 483 RT Fergie Jenkins CHC
__ TO 608 RT Bob Johnson TEX
__ DO 262 RT Jeff Jones CIN
__ TO 321 RT Harvey Kuenn MIL
__ TO 266 RT Steve Lubratich CAL
__ TO 461 RT Jim Maler SEA
__ TO 81 RT Billy Martin NYY
__ TO 24 RT John Martin DET
__ TO 149 RT Jon Matlack TEX
__ TO 652 RT Rudy May NYY
__ TO 569 RT Bake McBride CLE
__ TO 442 RT Byron McLaughlin CAL
__ TO 307 RT Bobby Mitchell MIN
__ TO 108 RT Randy Moffitt TOR
__ TO 374 RT Don Money MIL
__ FL 498 RT Jerry Morales CHC
__ TO 682 RT Dan Morogiello BAL
__ TO 166 RT Jamie Nelson SEA
__ TO 351 RT Russ Nixon CIN
__ TO 382 RT Chris Nyman CHW
__ FL 352 RT Gaylord Perry KCR
__ TO 449 RT Joe Pettini SFG
__ TO 437 RT Mike Proly CHC
__ TO 347 RT Allan Ramirez BAL
__ TO 724 RT Eric Rasmussen KCR
__ TO 444 RT Steve Renko KCR
__ TO 269 RT Aurelio Rodriguez CHW
__ TO 209 RT Manny Sarmiento PIT
__ TO 219 RT Joe Simpson KCR
__ DO 46 RT Chris Smith SFG
__ TO 46 RT Ray Smith MIN
__ TO 503 RT Elias Sosa SDP
__ TO 211 RT Rick Sweet SEA
__ TO 729 RT Gene Tenace PIT
__ TO 551 RT Scott Ullger MIN
__ FL 412 RT Carl Yastrzemski BOS
__ TO 83 RT Richie Zisk SEA

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  1. The 1983 Fleer set has a photo of Jim Kaat being interviewed by ESPN with that same style of microphone.

    As someone who is one year past Gaylord Perry's age in that photo, I would HOPE that I do not look that old.