Friday, March 4, 2011

1983 Cleveland Indians

Another in a long line of bad Indians teams in the 1980s. With my 1954 project going, coincidentally, the next team to be covered were will be the 1954 Indians, a team that held the mark for a very long time as the winningest team in the history of the American League, so hold on Indians fans, we will get to a better team soon...meanwhile, the 1983 Indians.

Best Player: Andre Thornton...led the team in homers, and was 2nd runs scored, RBI, and OBP, 3rd in BA.

Best Pitcher: Rick Sutcliffe...won 17 games for this team

All-Stars: Rick Sutcliffe, Manny Trillo

Hall-of-Famers: Bert Blyleven

Rookie Card of the Year: Julio Franco...I really dropped the ball when putting up my post on the 1983 Phillies back in December. I noted that there were no Phillies not in Topps could I ever have forgotten Julio Franco...the guy was pushing to be the first 50 year old to play, at least since I have been paying attention, and that was as recently as 2007. His true rookie card is in the Donruss set showing him as a Phillie.

Other rookies: Bud Anderson, Tom Brennan, Carmelo Castillo, Mike Fischlin

First Indian card: Rod Craig, Jamie Easterly, Juan Eichelberger, Jim Essian, Mike Ferraro, Ed Glynn, Bill Nahorodny (listed under Detroit Tigers), Broderick Perkins, Gorman Thomas, George Vukovich

Most interesting non-Topps card: Carmelo Castillo, played through 1991 with the Indians and Twins...his rookie card is in the Fleer set.

Other notes: Pat Tabler had cards in both the Donruss and Fleer sets, although they both show him as a Cub. He played the entire season with the Tribe, so those cards are listed on this checklist.

__ TO 689 C Ron Hassey CLE
__ TO 660 1B Mike Hargrove CLE
__ TT 116 2B Manny Trillo CLE
__ TT 34 SS Julio Franco CLE
__ TO 480 3B Toby Harrah CLE
__ FL 509 LF Pat Tabler (or DO 552) CHC
__ TT 111 CF Gorman Thomas CLE
__ TT 122 RF George Vukovich CLE
__ TO 640 DH Andre Thornton CLE
__ TO 348 UT Alan Bannister CLE
__ TO 182 2B Mike Fischlin CLE
__ TO 248 UT Bake McBride CLE

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 497 SP Rick Sutcliffe
__ TO 48 SP Lary Sorensen CLE
__ TO 280 SP Bert Blyleven CLE
__ TO 120 SP Len Barker CLE
__ TT 29 SP Juan Eichelberger CLE

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 725 CL Dan Spillner CLE

RP Neal Heaton
__ TO 367 RP Bud Anderson CLE
__ TT 28 RP Jamie Easterly CLE

Other Players
__ TO 757 CF Rick Manning CLE
__ TT 86 UT Broderick Perkins CLE
__ TO 227 C Chris Bando CLE
__ TT 30 C Jim Essian CLE
__ TO 303 LF Miguel Dilone CLE
__ FL 404 RF Carmelo Castillo CLE
__ TO 569 2B Jack Perconte CLE

DH Otto Velez

UT Kevin Rhomberg

UT Karl Pagel

UT Wil Culmer
__ TO 524 RP Tom Brennan CLE

RP Mike Jeffcoat

SP Rick Behenna

RP Jerry Reed
__ TO 779 RP Rick Waits CLE
__ TO 614 RP Ed Glynn CLE

SP Rich Barnes

RP Ernie Camacho

Minor Leagues
__ DO 515 MN Rod Craig CLE

__ TT 32 MG Mike Ferraro CLE

MG Pat Corrales

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