Friday, March 5, 2010

1981 Milwaukee Brewers

Crazy Trade
Fingers was acquired prior to the 1981 season in a trade that also gave the Brewers Pete Vuckovich, so in one trade, the Brewers picked up the 1981 and 1982 Cy Young winners. Who did the Brewers give up? They gave the Cardinals David Green, Dave LaPoint, Sixto Lezcano, and Lary Sorensen. Oh and the Brewers also received Ted Simmons in this trade. Seems like a crazy trade, but the Cardinals beat the Brewers the next year in the World Series, so it was crazy like a fox.

MVP voting
Fingers was also the league MVP in 1981. Hard to imagine now, considering he really only led the league in saves. I know stat people like to go look at who really should have won the MVP in any given year using new stats derived from using computers, but the reality is, in 1981 voters looked at HRs-RBIs-BA, and for pitchers wins-ERA-saves. The AL Leader in BA was Carney Lansford at .336, RBI was Eddie Murray with 78 and HR was a 4 way tie between Tony Armas, Bobby Grich, Dwight Evans, and Eddie Murray with 22 each. On the pitching side, 4 pitchers led with 14 wins (Steve McCatty, Pete Vuckovich, Jack Morris, and Denny Martinez), ERA was led by Dave Righetti, and saves was led by Rollie Fingers, who led the league in saves by 8 over the next player. I think because he led by 8 is the reason he won the MVP and Cy Young awards that year, as nobody else stood out in any of the major categories.

The reality is, Rickey Henderson should've won this award for leading the league in runs scored and stolen bases and having a high batting average for a team that probably wouldn't have made the playoffs without him.

__ TT 830 C Ted Simmons MIL
__ TO 555 1B Cecil Cooper MIL
__ TO 482 2B Jim Gantner MIL
__ TO 106 3B Don Money MIL
__ TO 515 SS Robin Yount MIL
__ TO 415 LF Ben Oglivie MIL
__ TO 300 CF Paul Molitor MIL
__ TO 135 RF Gorman Thomas MIL
__ TO 215 DH Larry Hisle MIL
__ TT 773 3B Roy Howell MIL

RF Mark Brouhard
__ TO 237 C Charlie Moore MIL

Starting Pitchers
__ TT 851 SP Pete Vuckovich MIL
__ TO 85 SP Mike Caldwell MIL
__ TO 327 SP Moose Haas MIL
__ TO 357 SP Jim Slaton MIL
__ TT 792 SP Randy Lerch MIL

Relief Pitchers
__ TT 761 CL Rollie Fingers MIL

RP Jamie Easterly
__ TO 596 RP Jerry Augustine MIL
__ TO 576 RP Reggie Cleveland MIL

RP Rickey Keeton

Other Players

OF Thad Bosley

MI Ed Romero
__ TO 623 UT Sal Bando MIL

OF Marshall Edwards

C Ned Yost
__ TO 156 RP Bob McClure MIL

RP Dwight Bernard

RP Chuck Porter

RP Donnie Moore

RP Frank DiPino

RP Willie Mueller

__ DO 327 MG Buck Rodgers MIL

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