Thursday, March 4, 2010

1981 Montreal Expos

Hard Luck Franchise
This is the only playoff team in the 36 year history of the Montreal Expos. They lost in the NLCS 3 games to 2. The Expos had a knack for putting together their best teams in strike shortened seasons. Probably their best team was the 1994 team that never got to go to the playoffs because there were no playoffs that year due to a strike. This team was a casualty of the Bud Selig era, trying to turn major league baseball into the NFL. They could draw fans well in 1981 as they drew over 1.5 million fans and were the 3rd highest drawing team in the National League. Baseball did work in this city.

Tim Raines
The 1980s were my youth, and there is much love shown for getting Bert Blyleven in the hall of fame on the internet based on his statistics, and I think he deserves a spot, but sorry, nobody got excited about seeing Bert Blyleven play or receiving a Bert Blyleven card in their packs of baseball cards. I don't undersstand why there isn't more support for Tim Raines, Dale Murphy, Don Mattingly, or Steve Garvey. To me you can't tell the story of baseball in the 1980s without these players. I suppose this goes to what you think the hall of fame represents, and in my opinion it is about telling the history of baseball, and these players that receive little support had a lot to do with making the game memorable in the 1980s.

1981 was Tim Raines rookie year. I am using his Topps Traded card in this checklist because my goal was to start with the Topps and Topps Traded sets, but if interested in his true rookie card, that would be Donruss #538. He is also listed on the multi player future stars card for the Expos in the regular Topps set, and that is listed under the miscellaneous cards for 1981.

__ TO 660 C Gary Carter MON
__ TO 345 1B Warren Cromartie MON
__ TO 539 2B Rodney Scott MON
__ TO 15 3B Larry Parrish MON
__ TO 97 SS Chris Speier MON
__ TT 816 LF Tim Raines MON
__ TO 125 CF Andre Dawson MON

RF Tim Wallach

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 578 SP Bill Gullickson MON
__ TO 235 SP Scott Sanderson MON
__ TO 725 SP Steve Rogers MON
__ TT 744 SP Ray Burris MON
__ TO 293 SP Charlie Lea MON

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 394 CL Woodie Fryman MON
__ TO 633 RP Bill Lee MON
__ TT 819 RP Jeff Reardon MON
__ TO 181 RP Elias Sosa MON
__ TO 267 RP Stan Bahnsen MON

Other Players

LF Terry Francona

1B John Milner
__ TO 445 RF Ellis Valentine MON
__ TO 559 1B Willie Montanez MON

2B Jerry Manuel
__ TT 813 SS Mike Phillips MON
__ TO 319 OF Rowland Office MON
__ FL 162 C Bobby Ramos MON
__ TO 374 UT Tom Hutton MON

IF Brad Mills

UT Dan Briggs

2B Wallace Johnson
__ DO 545 OF Bob Pate MON

2B Chris Smith

1B Dave Hostetler

RF Pat Rooney

2B Mike Gates

LF Tony Johnson

C Tom Wieghaus

RP Steve Ratzer

RP Tom Gorman

RP Bryn Smith

RP Grant Jackson

RP Rick Engle

__ FL 337 MN Dan Norman NYM
__ TO 607 MN David Palmer MON
__ TO 107 MN Rich Wortham CHW

__ FL 149 MG Dick Williams (or DO 453)

MG Jim Fanning


  1. Do you have any Topps or other company Steve ratzer cards?


  2. Do you have any Topps or other company Steve ratzer cards?