Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1981 Oakland Athletics


Billy Martin managed this team into the ALCS. It was really the only Oakland team between the dynasty of the early '70s to the McGwire/Canseco led teams of the late '80s to be any good. Was Billy Martin the reason for this? Looking at this roster they had a great outfield and little else. Part of the problem though is that these starting pitchers never went on to great success, because they were very overworked, so the names don't jump out at you as very memorable. In 1980 the starters pitched 94 complete games (58% of the total games), in 1981 it was just as bad as the pitchers completed 60 out of 109 games (55%). Supposedly blowing out all of the pitchers arms was the reason Billy Martin was let go from the A's after the 1982 season.

Billy Martin was like the Terrell Owens of baseball managers, he was very good leading many average teams into the playoffs, but usually fighting with fans or upper management or veteran players and getting fired because of these actions. If what I've read about why he got let go from the A's, this may have been his most peaceful firing. From what I've read about him, his managerial style seems to be like a boss we have all had at least once in our lives, somebody who you want to punch out but does bring out the best in you.

It seemed when I was growing up there were several colorful managers in the game, that style of management doesn't seem to be there anymore. Ozzie Guillen is the only one that comes to mind that is still in this mold. I think it has something to do with baseball players are now more professional because of the money involved than they were even 30 years ago. Teams can't get rid of a huge player contract if there is player/manager conflict, so the manager goes. The managers now seem to be there more to answer to the players than the other way around.

__ TO 437 C Mike Heath OAK
__ TT 832 1B Jim Spencer OAK

2B Shooty Babitt
__ TO 86 3B Wayne Gross OAK
__ TO 604 SS Rob Picciolo OAK
__ TO 261 LF Rickey Henderson OAK
__ TO 341 CF Dwayne Murphy OAK
__ TO 629 RF Tony Armas OAK
__ TT 776 DH Cliff Johnson OAK
__ TO 461 IF Dave McKay OAK
__ TO 587 UT Jeff Newman OAK

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 503 SP Steve McCatty OAK
__ TO 154 SP Rick Langford OAK
__ TO 55 SP Mike Norris OAK
__ TO 301 SP Matt Keough OAK
__ TO 284 SP Brian Kingman OAK

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 687 RP Jeff Jones OAK
__ TT 846 RP Tom Underwood OAK
__ TT 811 RP Bob Owchinko OAK

Other Players
__ TT 834 SS Fred Stanley OAK
__ TO 35 DH Mitchell Page OAK
__ TO 568 1B Dave Revering OAK

2B Keith Drumright

1B Kelvin Moore
__ TO 232 3B Mickey Klutts OAK
__ TT 754 2B Brian Doyle OAK

DH Mark Budaska

UT Mike Patterson

UT Tim Hosley
__ TO 364 UT Mike Davis OAK
__ TT 741 UT Rick Bosetti OAK

UT Jimmy Sexton

RF Jim Nettles
__ TO 133 2B Jeff Cox OAK

C Bob Kearney

RP Dave Beard

RP Bo McLaughlin
__ TO 245 SP Ed Figueroa TEX
__ TO 316 RP Craig Minetto OAK
__ FL 594 RP Dave Heaverlo (or DO 407)

RP Rich Bordi

__ FL 343 MN Kevin Bell (or DO 39)

__ FL 581 MG Billy Martin (or DO 479)

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