Sunday, May 2, 2010

1982 California Angels

The 1986 version of the Angels get a lot of playback because of an epic collapse in the playoffs (probably because they played the Red Sox), but this team has to be just as disappointing to Angel fans. They led the ALCS against the Brewers 2 games to none, but lost the series 3 games to 2. This was back when the League Championship Series was a best of 5 games. There are 8 Angels in the Topps Traded set, so the Angels made many changes to put this team together. First year Angels include Reggie Jackson, Bob Boone, and Doug DeCinces.

Reggie Jackson didn't have the best batting average, but led the team in Home Runs and RBIs and was 2nd in OBP to Rod Carew. He gets my nod for MVP. Doug DeCinces, Rod Carew, and Brian Downing should also get some consideration.

Cy Young
Pitching wasn't really the strength of this team. Geoff Zahn won 18 games, but had a relatively high ERA for the time. He was the ace of the staff, so I will give him the nod.

Rookie Card of the Year
I am going to think about this some more...the point of this blog is the baseball cards, and if I just looked at 1st year players, I would have yet another team with no card for the player. This may be a more interesting feature when I get to, say, the 1989 sets and there are more update sets to provide more cards, but for now is pointless.

So I will attempt to find rookie cards of players to fill in the gap for now, and I will give the award for the Angels to Mike Witt, who had his rookie card in the 1982 sets. He was a solid pitcher from 1984 - 1988 who pitched the 11th perfect game in baseball history in 1984 and teamed up with Mark Langston to pitch a no-hitter in 1990.

Most Interesting Non-Topps Card
Angel Moreno, who might be considered the 5th starter for the '82 Angels pitching staff, is shown on Fleer card #469. Moreno started his career in 1975 in the Mexican Leagues. He came to the majors in 1981, and had a largely forgettable career in the major leagues, going 4-10 during 1981 and 1982 for the Angels. He bounced around in the minors for a bit afterward, but according to this link, he pitched through the 2006 season in the Mexican Leagues. He still possessed a fastball of 90+ mph at the age of 50.

__ TT 9 C Bob Boone CAL
__ TO 500 1B Rod Carew CAL
__ TO 284 2B Bobby Grich CAL
__ TT 26 3B Doug DeCinces CAL
__ TT 34 SS Tim Foli CAL
__ TO 158 LF Brian Downing CAL
__ TO 251 CF Fred Lynn CAL
__ TT 47 RF Reggie Jackson CAL
__ TO 415 DH Don Baylor CAL

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 229 SP Geoff Zahn CAL
__ TO 385 SP Ken Forsch CAL
__ TO 744 SP Mike Witt CAL
__ TO 702 SP Steve Renko CAL

Relief Pitchers
__ TT 21 CL Doug Corbett CAL
__ TO 442 RP Bruce Kison CAL

RP Luis Sanchez
__ TO 94 RP Andy Hassler CAL
__ TO 674 RP Dave Goltz LAD
__ TO 199 RP Don Aase CAL
__ FL 469 SP Angel Moreno CAL

Other Players
__ TO 572 OF Juan Beniquez CAL
__ TT 48 1B Ron Jackson CAL
__ TT 128 2B Rob Wilfong CAL
__ TO 514 C Joe Ferguson CAL
__ TO 74 OF Bobby Clark CAL
__ TT 53 SS Mick Kelleher CAL
__ TO 55 SS Rick Burleson CAL

SS Ricky Adams

UT Daryl Sconiers

UT Jose Moreno

OF Gary Pettis

SP Tommy John
__ TO 160 SP Luis Tiant PIT

RP Rick Steirer

RP John Curtis

RP Stan Bahnsen

RP Mickey Mahler

Minor Leagues
__ TO 719 MN Jerry Narron SEA
__ TO 628 MN Bill Travers CAL

__ DO 141 MG Gene Mauch CAL

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