Friday, May 14, 2010

1982 Philadelphia Phillies

After two seasons of making the post-season, the great Phillies teams of the late '70s/early '80s were starting to break up here. They would have one more run in 1983.

Julio Franco made his debut with this team, but like Ryne Sandberg the year before, the Phillies traded away a future all-star 2nd basemen after only having a cup of coffee with the Phillies.

MVP/Cy Young
I have a feeling if I had been doing this format and making these checklists going back to 1975, the same two would get the nod for the Phillies MVP and Cy Young: Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton. Both are no brainer selections for 1982. Mike Schmidt led the '82 Phillies in Home Runs and OBP by a mile. He also led in RBIs and runs scored to go with a .280 batting average. He was also 2nd on the team in stolen bases. Steve Carlton with 23 wins was 10 ahead of anyone else on this Phillies squad. He also nearly doubled the next Phillie pitcher in strikeouts and had a 3.10 ERA. He actually won the 1982 NL Cy Young award.

Jim over at the Phillies Room recently had a blog entry on this Mike Schmidt card. In 1982, Topps used a similar pose on at least 9 different cards or stickers issued in 1982.

Rookie Card of the Year
There was only one Phillie rookie card issued in 1982, so Luis Aguayo gets this by default. He had a nice little career as a reserve infielder for the Phillies through 1988 and wrapped up his career with the '89 Indians. Must've been a good gloveman as he never hit double digits in home runs, except for when he got 12 in 1987 and ended his career with a .236 batting average.

Most Interesting Non-Topps card
There are no players from the Donruss or Fleer sets that weren't in the Topps set for the Phillies, so I will look at two cards I posted on the checklist under unwanted cards. Both Donruss and Fleer issued a card titled "Phillies Finest" (shouldn't that be Phillies Phinest, maybe?). But they had a different group of players on each one. The Donruss version had Mike Schmidt and Pete Rose posing on a card that looked similar to those cards that you could get by mailing in wrappers to the Topps company. The Fleer version had Mike Schmidt, Lonnie Smith, and Steve Carlton holding up an award with their face on the plaque. Not sure what the award was for though, as I can't find any award that all three would've won for 1980 (remember these pictures were taken in 1981) that was even similar.

__ TT 29 C Bo Diaz PHI
__ TO 780 1B Pete Rose PHI
__ TO 220 2B Manny Trillo PHI
__ TO 100 3B Mike Schmidt PHI
__ TT 27 SS Ivan de Jesus PHI
__ TO 680 LF Gary Matthews PHI
__ TO 20 CF Garry Maddox PHI
__ TO 389 RF George Vukovich PHI
__ TT 28 OF Bob Dernier PHI

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 480 SP Steve Carlton PHI
__ TT 59 SP Mike Krukow PHI
__ TO 544 SP Larry Christenson PHI
__ TO 317 SP Dick Ruthven PHI
__ TO 416 SP Marty Bystrom PHI

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 581 CL Ron Reed PHI
__ TT 73 RP Sid Monge PHI
__ TT 32 RP Ed Farmer PHI

Other Players
__ TO 53 OF Greg Gross PHI

C Ozzie Virgil
__ TT 100 RF Bill Robinson PHI
__ TO 352 RF Dick Davis PHI
__ TO 449 IF Luis Aguayo PHI

CI Len Matuszek
__ TO 218 UT Dave Roberts HOU

IF Julio Franco

PH Bob Molinaro
__ TO 713 UT Del Unser PHI

1B Willie Montanez

RF Alejandro Sanchez
__ TO 250 RP Tug McGraw PHI

RP Porfi Altamirano
__ TO 285 RP Sparky Lyle PHI
__ TO 647 RP Warren Brusstar PHI

SP John Denny
__ TO 131 RP Stan Bahnsen MON

RP Jerry Reed

RP Jay Baller


MG Pat Corrales


  1. Aaahhh the Phillies team set of '82... the next-to-last team I needed to complete the set. It took me months...MONTHS to get that team filled up. Then, when I did, one of my neighbors tried stealing it from me. I got it back though. Aaahhh the Phils '82 Topps.

  2. I loved all these cards. The awards (I believe) are from the Philadelphia Sportswriters. Each year, they name an MVP, top pitcher and top rookie, and I think the 3 guys pictured won in 1980. But don't quote me on that.

    There are 12 players to have played with the '82 Phils and not appear on a Topps base or traded card as a Phillie. A few years ago, I made Topps cards for each of these 12 and I'll feature a few of them in an upcoming post.

    I featured the Julio Franco card a while back:

  3. kevin

    shoot me an email - gcrl AT comcast DOT net - and i'll send you the list of 1982 o-pee-chee variations

    jim (gcrl)

  4. 12...I counted 10...I use for the roster info

  5. Never mind...I forgot I put the Stan Bahnsen, Expos, and Dave Roberts, Astros cards here because they only played with the Phillies in '82 and had no traded series cards, so I creatively put them here