Sunday, May 23, 2010

1982 Chicago White Sox

A good young team with a young pitching staff that never seemed to put it together. They would make the playoffs the following year.

This was a tough choice as there were several players with very similar numbers, but I will give the nod to Harold Baines. He led the team in home runs and RBIs, and was 2 runs behind the team leader in runs scored. His batting average and OBP were in the middle though. Others that get mention are Steve Kemp and Greg Luzinski.

Cy Young
This is a no brainer selection, as Lamarr Hoyt gets the teams pitching triple crown. He led the team with 19 wins, a 3.53 ERA, and 124 K's. He would win the real AL Cy Young in 1983.

Rookie Card of the Year/Most Interesting Non-Topps Card
There wasn't a lot to choose from in either category, so the only two rookie cards (not counting multi player rookie cards) on this roster are Kevin Hickey and Vance Law. The only non-Topps cards are Vance Law (shown on the Pirates) and Tony LaRussa.

Kevin Hickey had an odd career in that he pitched for the White Sox from 1981-1983, with a decent season out of the bullpen in 1982. Then he disappeared until 1989 with the Orioles. He pitched for the Orioles from 1989-1991. He actually had a decent season in 1989. Where did he go in those 5 missing years? He pitched in the Phillies, Yankees, Giants, and White Sox organizations before signing with the Orioles in 1988.

Vance Law appeared on the Pirates multi-player rookie cards in both 1981 and 1982 Topps sets, but never was put on his own card until the 1982 Donruss and Fleer sets came out. Prior to the 1982 season, he was traded to the White Sox from the Pirates in a trade that seemed to exchange no one in particular. He didn't get a card in the Topps Traded set in 1982, despite actually being traded. So I will put his Donruss card in this checklist since he played the whole season with the White Sox.

__ TO 110 C Carlton Fisk CHW
__ TT 85 1B Tom Paciorek CHW
__ TO 206 2B Tony Bernazard CHW
__ TT 101 3B Aurelio Rodriguez CHW
__ TO 521 SS Bill Almon CHW
__ TT 54 LF Steve Kemp CHW

CF Rudy Law
__ TO 684 RF Harold Baines CHW
__ TO 720 DH Greg Luzinski CHW
__ DO 582 IF Vance Law (or FL 484)
__ TO 140 CF Ron LeFlore CHW

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 428 SP LaMarr Hoyt CHW
__ TO 461 SP Richard Dotson CHW
__ TO 622 SP Dennis Lamp CHW
__ TO 44 SP Britt Burns CHW
__ TO 299 SP Steve Trout CHW

Relief Pitchers

CL Salome Barojas
__ TO 714 RP Jerry Koosman CHW
__ TO 778 RP Kevin Hickey CHW

RP Chico Escarrega

Other Players
__ TO 398 1B Mike Squires CHW
__ TO 654 3B Jim Morrison CHW

UT Jerry Hairston
__ TO 748 C Marc Hill CHW

1B Chris Nyman

UT Marv Foley
__ TO 324 2B Steve Dillard CHC

UT Jay Loviglio

UT Ron Kittle

3B Lorenzo Gray
__ TO 237 OF Rusty Kuntz CHW

DH Greg Walker
__ TO 463 RP Jim Kern TEX

RP Warren Brusstar

RP Rich Barnes

RP Sparky Lyle

RP Eddie Solomon

SP Jim Siwy

RP Juan Agosto

__ DO 319 MG Tony LaRussa CHW


  1. I remember looking at the White Sox cards in the '82 Topps Traded set and being stunned, STUNNED, that they had done away with the white and blue combo with the huge collars. In their stead was the red, white and blue softball looking jerseys. With no Baseball Tonight or MLB Network, sometimes I had to wait for the next card set to see which teams had changed uniforms. Especially if that team, like the '82 white Sox, didn't get much screen time on This Week in Baseball.

  2. You know, I failed to mention the uniform thing...I don't have any cards from this traded set, as the Cal Ripken card has made it too expensive for my budget and I never knew traded sets existed when these were actually out. Any scans I have shown of cards in the traded set have come from ebay auctions.