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1981 San Diego Padres

It seems to me, since I am not a huge follower of the Padres, the history of the San Diego Padres is a history of building up and tearing down a team constantly. During the offseason between 1980-1981 they lost Dave Winfield to free agency, traded away Rollie Fingers, Gene Tenace and Jerry Mumphrey all key players from the 1980 team. They also let go of 1976 Cy Young winner Randy Jones, although he was about done in 1980. I remember a few other periods were they seemed to build up a team and then trade them all away for pennies on the dollar.

Another time they did this was in 1993 when they traded away Gary Sheffield and Fred McGriff within a month of each other and received Trevor Hoffman and bunch of guys that would be traded back and forth between Detroit and San Diego during the Randy Smith era in Detroit, where it seemed the Padres and Tigers were constantly making 11 player supertrades that seemed to solve nothing for either team. In 1999 they got rid of lot of players after playing in the 1998 World Series.

The players removed during the offseason between 1980-1981 really didn't hurt much. They were a losing team in 1980 anyway, and they did acquire some building blocks that would lead them to the World Series in 1984. Yesterday when I wrote about the Twins, I noted how long it took to build a World Series winning team. Well, the Padres only took 3 season to put together a team that would appear in a World Series. 1981 was a key year for them, as they brought up Eric Show and Alan Wiggins, and acquired Tim Lollar and Terry Kennedy in trades. These were the starting building blocks for the 1984 team. Of course in the 1981 draft, they picked Tony Gwynn.

Ozzie Smith
The lone Hall-of-Famer on this team was Ozzie Smith, who would go onto make a name for himself in St. Louis. I always think it is odd to see him on a card in a Padres uniform. I can't think of another player that doesn't look as right playing in a uniform other than the one for the team he was noted for.

Padres Link
I am adding a link to San Diego Padre collectors blog...check out Padrographs.

__ TT 780 C Terry Kennedy SDP
__ TO 393 1B Broderick Perkins SDP

2B Juan Bonilla
__ TO 309 3B Luis Salazar SDP
__ TO 254 SS Ozzie Smith SDP
__ TO 171 LF Gene Richards SDP
__ TT 778 CF Ruppert Jones SDP
__ TT 790 RF Joe Lefebvre SDP

1B Randy Bass

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 478 SP Juan Eichelberger SDP

SP Chris Welsh
__ TO 616 SP Rick Wise SDP
__ TO 134 SP Steve Mura SDP

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 436 CL Gary Lucas SDP

RP Danny Boone
__ TT 847 RP John Urrea SDP
__ TT 794 RP John Littlefield SDP
__ FL 108 RP Tim Lollar NYY
__ TO 531 RP John Curtis SDP

Other Players
__ TT 758 RF Dave Edwards SDP
__ TO 72 IF Barry Evans SDP
__ TO 579 IF Tim Flannery SDP

UT Jose Moreno
__ TO 285 RF Jerry Turner SDP

C Doug Gwosdz
__ TT 840 C Steve Swisher SDP
__ TO 113 MI Mike Phillips STL

LF Alan Wiggins

IF Mario Ramirez

PH Craig Stimac

SP Fred Kuhaulua

SP Steve Fireovid

RP Eric Show
__ FL 503 RP Mike Armstrong SDP


MG Frank Howard

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