Friday, April 16, 2010

1981 Toronto Blue Jays

Worst team
This is the worst team in 1981 record wise. They even had a perfect game thrown against them this year by Cleveland's Len Barker. Translated out to a full 162 game schedule, the Blue Jays would've had 106 losses in 1981. 1981 was the Blue Jays 5th season in existence, but unlike their expansion brothers, the Mariners, the building blocks were in place for this team to turn it around in 4 years and make the playoffs in 1985.

Rookie Cards
Among the rookie cards in this set for the Blue Jays, their are a few players who would go onto contribute greatly to that 1985 team, Lloyd Moseby and Garth Iorg. But the most valuable, at least according to my ebay research, is a player who would be out of baseball after 1981, Danny Ainge. Of course he would go onto make his mark in basketball with the Larry Bird era Celtics and is now the president of the Boston Celtics.

__ TO 407 C Ernie Whitt TOR
__ TO 169 1B John Mayberry TOR
__ TO 488 2B Damaso Garcia TOR
__ TT 727 3B Danny Ainge TOR
__ TO 277 SS Alfredo Griffin TOR
__ TO 703 LF Al Woods TOR
__ TO 643 CF Lloyd Moseby TOR
__ TO 558 RF Barry Bonnell TOR
__ TO 351 DH Otto Velez TOR
__ TO 444 2B Garth Iorg TOR

Starting Pitchers
__ TO 467 SP Dave Stieb TOR

SP Luis Leal
__ TT 739 SP Mark Bomback TOR
__ TO 142 SP Jackson Todd TOR
__ TO 19 SP Jim Clancy TOR

SP Juan Berenguer

Relief Pitchers
__ TO 248 CL Joey McLaughlin TOR
__ TT 775 RP Roy Lee Jackson TOR
__ TO 124 RP Jerry Garvin TOR
__ TO 324 RP Mike Willis TOR

Other Players

OF George Bell
__ TT 799 C Buck Martinez TOR

UT Willie Upshaw

RF Jesse Barfield
__ FL 167 CI Ken Macha (or DO 540)

1B Greg Wells
__ FL 602 3B Ted Cox (or DO 283)
__ TO 46 OF Rick Bosetti TOR

UT Fred Manrique

UT Charlie Beamon

C Dan Whitmer

RP Dale Murray
__ TO 77 RP Mike Barlow TOR
__ TO 382 RP Paul Mirabella TOR

RP Nino Espinosa

__ TO 506 MN Phil Huffman TOR
__ FL 425 MN Ken Schrom TOR

__ FL 431 MG Bobby Mattick (or DO 570)

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