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1982 Unwanted Cards

Getting Started on 1982
The same sets from 1981 came around for 1982. Thanks to to a tip from Wrigley Wax, I tracked down a regional Cubs set that had a few players not in any of the big four sets from 1982. I will discuss that more when I get to the Cubs entry for 1982.

The biggest difference though is that Topps added 66 cards to their base set from 1981, but 40 of those were in action cards and 22 were all-star cards, so in the end only 4 extra player cards were added. Donruss also expanded its set by 60 cards, but 26 of those were Diamond Kings, which debuted in their 1982 set. The Fleer and Topps Traded sets stayed the same size.

Unwanted Cards
I am listing all the cards from the major four sets that I really have little to no interest in collecting. These all fall under one of two categories, Donruss's Diamond Kings or the Fleer Superstar Specials (as they would come to be known in future sets). I figure I am not collecting subset cards unless the subject matter of the cards makes sense, if it is commemorating a real event or is a real all-star selection. If I don't cut these out, then when we get into later years I will have to add in every Upper Deck checklist and and Super-K-Master Blaster or whatever Score was putting in their sets. I will list all of the cards in the sets here just for those following along who are curious about what cards were in what sets.

For 1982, some of the superstar specials are being added to the overall set, if they highlighted a memorable event, such as Carl Yastrzemski's 3000th game. I look at that card as a highlight card. The rest of that subset is garbage to me. Why do I care if there is a card of Fernando Valenzuela and Gary Carter (and some oddball dude in the center of the picture) together. The card commemorating the perfect game by Len Barker doesn't even have the correct catcher for the game. If it did, I probably would've put it with the cards I am keeping, but to me this is just two guys sitting on a bench. Donruss also issued a handful of these types of cards in their set, and did a MUCH better job with them. Compare the Reggie Jackson/Dave Winfield cards shown above. It was a worthwhile subject to have on a card in 1982, two sluggers from the most recent World Series runner-up. But the Donruss card has them both nicely posed and the picture is focused, the Fleer version has Reggie Jackson in the foreground and Dave Winfield starts to get fuzzy.

Which leads me to my next point...the 1982 Fleer cards are the worst set ever in my opinion. How they stayed around for a third year is beyond me. A good number of photos were either taken at night or during overcast days. The handful of cards for this set that I do have are mostly off center. The superstar special cards shown above show how little thought was put into making the cards.

I really think Donruss put out the best set in 1982, but this is where they started the Diamond Kings subset. I know this subset may be popular, but frankly, I hate these cards. The player selection (although not bad for 1982) was always pretty awful and the paintings look like they were made in an advanced high school art class. I think these cards are the reason Donruss was always perceived as being a second tier set. Check out the goofy looking George Brett card and the hat on Phil Niekro in the cards above. I know it must've been difficult and tedious to paint 26 players in a years time. That is why I think Donruss would've been better off to scale this subset back to maybe 10 real diamond kings per year, and not 26 cards including players like Roy Smalley, Ivan de Jesus, and in later years, the Jeff Robinson that pitched on the Tigers, and focus on quality artwork.

Diamond Kings
__ DO 1 DK Pete Rose PHI
__ DO 2 DK Gary Carter MON
__ DO 3 DK Steve Garvey LAD
__ DO 4 DK Vida Blue SFG
__ DO 5 DK Alan Trammell DET
__ DO 6 DK Len Barker CLE
__ DO 7 DK Dwight Evans BOS
__ DO 8 DK Rod Carew CAL
__ DO 9 DK George Hendrick STL
__ DO 10 DK Phil Niekro ATL
__ DO 11 DK Richie Zisk SEA
__ DO 12 DK Dave Parker PIT
__ DO 13 DK Nolan Ryan HOU
__ DO 14 DK Ivan de Jesus CHC
__ DO 15 DK George Brett KCR
__ DO 16 DK Tom Seaver CIN
__ DO 17 DK Dave Kingman NYM
__ DO 18 DK Dave Winfield NYY
__ DO 19 DK Mike Norris OAK
__ DO 20 DK Carlton Fisk CHW
__ DO 21 DK Ozzie Smith SDP
__ DO 22 DK Roy Smalley MIN
__ DO 23 DK Buddy Bell TEX
__ DO 24 DK Ken Singleton BAL
__ DO 25 DK John Mayberry TOR
__ DO 26 DK Gorman Thomas MIL

Super Star Specials
__ DO 558 SS Yankee Winners (Tommy John, Ron Guidry) NYY
__ DO 575 SS Bronx Bombers (Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield) (or FL 646)
__ DO 585 SS Phillies Finest (Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose) PHI
__ DO 628 SS Pride Of The Reds (Johnny Bench, Tom Seaver) (or FL 634)
__ FL 628 SS 1981 All Star Game (Cleveland, Ohio) CLE
__ FL 629 SS All-Star Infielders (Frank White, Bucky Dent) XXX
__ FL 630 SS Big Red Machine (D. Driessen, D. Concepcion, G. Foster) CIN
__ FL 631 LD Bruce Sutter (Top N.L. Relief Pitcher) STL
__ FL 632 SS Steve & Carlton (Steve Carlton, Carlton Fisk) XXX
__ FL 635 SS West Meets East (Fernando Valenzuela, Gary Carter) XXX
__ FL 636 LD Fernando Valenzuela (1981 N.L. Strikeout King) LAD
__ FL 637 LD Mike Schmidt (1981 Home Run King) PHI
__ FL 638 SS N.L. All-Stars (Gary Carter, Dave Parker) XXX
__ FL 639 SS Perfect Game! (Len Barker, Bo Diaz) CLE
__ FL 640 SS Pete Rose (Pete and Re-Pete) PHI
__ FL 641 SS Phillies Finest (Mike Schmidt, Lonnie Smith, Steve Carlton) PHI
__ FL 642 SS Red Sox Reunion (Fred Lynn, Dwight Evans) XXX
__ FL 643 LD Rickey Henderson (1981 Most Hits, Most Runs) OAK
__ FL 644 LD Rollie Fingers (Most Saves 1981 A.L.) MIL
__ FL 645 LD Tom Seaver (Most 1981 Wins) CIN

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