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1982 - Miscellaneous Cards

1982 Topps
Topps expanded their set from 1981 by 66 cards. 40 of these were in action cards and 22 were all-stars, which weren't in the previous sets. I suspect this was a reaction to the competition, where Donruss in 1981 had several cards for some of the top players and Fleer did as well. So as demonstrated by Pete Rose above, you could get his highlight card, in action card, and all-star card. In addition to this, the team checklist cards changed as they were no longer showing a team picture, but each team's batting average and ERA leader from the season before. So again, you could get one more card of Pete Rose. This would expand the odds of getting a superstar in one of your packs. This is my theory as to why Topps added these cards in 1982.

The in action cards featured 40 players who were considered the big stars around 1982. The interesting thing is there are only 16 teams represented in these cards, so this wasn't an attempt to appease all fans in all markets.

The Future Is Now
There was one card for each team in the 1982 Topps set showing three of the teams future stars. Of course, the one to get is the Orioles future stars with Cal Ripken.

I would hardly call the Astros entry "Future Stars". Bobby Sprowl had pitched down the stretch for the Red Sox as far back as 1978 and by the time this card came out, had already played in parts of 4 seasons. Danny Heep actually appeared on his own card in the 1981 Fleer set. The other thing with this card is that outside of Billy Smith, the other two players appeared on the Astros future stars card in 1981.

Further Reference
There is a blog out there going over each card in the 1982 Topps set in much further detail than I will...check out My First Cards.

__ TO 1 HL Steve Carlton (Sets New NL Strikeout Record) PHI
__ TO 2 HL Ron Davis (Fans 8 Straight in Relief) NYY
__ TO 3 HL Tim Raines (Swipes 71 Bases as a Rookie) MON
__ TO 4 HL Pete Rose (Sets NL Career Mark for Hits) PHI
__ TO 5 HL Nolan Ryan (Pitches 5th Career No-hitter) HOU
__ TO 6 HL Fernando Valenzuela (Hurls 8 shutouts as a Rookie) LAD
__ FL 633 HL Carl Yastrzemski (3000th Game) BOS

__ DO 531 SS The Chicken XXX

League Leaders
__ TO 162 LD 1981 Home Run Leaders (Mike Schmidt, Tony Armas, Dwight Evans, Bobby Grich, Eddie Murray) XXX
__ TO 163 LD 1981 Runs Batted In Leaders (Mike Schmidt, Eddie Murray) XXX
__ TO 164 LD 1981 Stolen Base Leaders (Tim Raines, Rickey Henderson) XXX
__ TO 165 LD 1981 Victory Leaders (Tom Seaver, Danny Martinez, Steve McCatty, Jack Morris, Pete Vuckovich) XXX
__ TO 166 LD 1981 Strikeout Leaders (Fernando Valenzuela, Len Barker) XXX
__ TO 167 LD 1981 Earned Run Average Leaders (Nolan Ryan, Steve McCatty) XXX
__ TO 168 LD 1981 Leading Relievers (Bruce Sutter, Rollie Fingers) XXX

__ TO 337 AS Pete Rose PHI
__ TO 338 AS Dave Lopes LAD
__ TO 339 AS Mike Schmidt PHI
__ TO 340 AS Dave Concepcion CIN
__ TO 341 AS Andre Dawson MON
__ TO 342 AS George Foster CIN
__ TO 343 AS Dave Parker PIT
__ TO 344 AS Gary Carter MON
__ TO 345 AS Fernando Valenzuela LAD
__ TO 346 AS Tom Seaver CIN
__ TO 347 AS Bruce Sutter STL
__ TO 547 AS Rod Carew CAL
__ TO 548 AS Willie Randolph NYY
__ TO 549 AS George Brett KCR
__ TO 550 AS Bucky Dent NYY
__ TO 551 AS Reggie Jackson NYY
__ TO 552 AS Ken Singleton BAL
__ TO 553 AS Dave Winfield NYY
__ TO 554 AS Carlton Fisk CHW
__ TO 555 AS Scott McGregor BAL
__ TO 556 AS Jack Morris DET
__ TO 557 AS Rich Gossage NYY

In Action
__ TO 401 IA Johnny Bench CIN
__ TO 431 IA Vida Blue SFG
__ TO 616 IA Bob Boone PHI
__ TO 516 IA Larry Bowa PHI
__ TO 201 IA George Brett KCR
__ TO 501 IA Rod Carew CAL
__ TO 481 IA Steve Carlton PHI
__ TO 411 IA Ron Cey LAD
__ TO 321 IA Chris Chambliss ATL
__ TO 661 IA Dave Concepcion CIN
__ TO 241 IA Bucky Dent NYY
__ TO 586 IA Rollie Fingers MIL
__ TO 111 IA Carlton Fisk CHW
__ TO 701 IA George Foster CIN
__ TO 180 IA Steve Garvey LAD
__ TO 771 IA Rich Gossage NYY
__ TO 621 IA Ken Griffey CIN
__ TO 10 IA Ron Guidry NYY
__ TO 301 IA Reggie Jackson NYY
__ TO 741 IA Davey Lopes LAD
__ TO 721 IA Greg Luzinski CHW
__ TO 252 IA Fred Lynn CAL
__ TO 755 IA Joe Morgan SFG
__ TO 506 IA Graig Nettles NYY
__ TO 591 IA Al Oliver TEX
__ TO 726 IA Amos Otis KCR
__ TO 81 IA Jim Palmer BAL
__ TO 41 IA Dave Parker PIT
__ TO 256 IA Tony Perez BOS
__ TO 448 IA Darrell Porter STL
__ TO 570 IA Willie Randolph NYY
__ TO 705 IA Mickey Rivers TEX
__ TO 781 IA Pete Rose PHI
__ TO 101 IA Mike Schmidt PHI
__ TO 31 IA Tom Seaver CIN
__ TO 546 IA Reggie Smith LAD
__ TO 716 IA Willie Stargell PIT
__ TO 306 IA Don Sutton HOU
__ TO 646 IA Frank White KCR
__ TO 651 IA Carl Yastrzemski BOS

Team Leaders
__ TO 126 TM Braves Team Leaders (Claudell Washington, Rick Mahler) ATL
__ TO 426 TM Orioles Team Leaders (Eddie Murray, Sammy Stewart) BAL
__ TO 786 TM Red Sox Team Leaders (Carney Lansford, Mike Torrez) BOS
__ TO 276 TM Angels Team Leaders (Rod Carew, Ken Forsch) CAL
__ TO 456 TM Cubs Team Leaders (Bill Buckner, Randy Martz) CHC
__ TO 216 TM White Sox Team Leaders (Chet Lemon, Dennis Lamp) CHW
__ TO 756 TM Reds Team Leaders (Ken Griffey, Tom Seaver) CIN
__ TO 559 TM Indians Team Leaders (Mike Hargrove, Bert Blyleven) CLE
__ TO 666 TM Tigers Team Leaders (Steve Kemp, Dan Petry) DET
__ TO 66 TM Astros Team Leaders (Art Howe, Nolan Ryan) HOU
__ TO 96 TM Royals Team Leaders (George Brett, Larry Gura) KCR
__ TO 311 TM Dodgers Team Leaders (Dusty Baker, Burt Hooton) LAD
__ TO 703 TM Brewers Team Leaders (Cecil Cooper, Pete Vuckovich) MIL
__ TO 396 TM Twins Team Leaders (John Castino, Fernando Arroyo) MIN
__ TO 526 TM Expos Team Leaders (Warren Cromartie, Bill Gullickson) MON
__ TO 246 TM Mets Team Leaders (Hubie Brooks, Mike Scott) NYM
__ TO 486 TM Yankees Team Leaders (Jerry Mumphrey, Tommy John) NYY
__ TO 156 TM A's Team Leaders (Rickey Henderson, Steve McCatty) OAK
__ TO 636 TM Phillies Team Leaders (Pete Rose, Steve Carlton) PHI
__ TO 696 TM Pirates Team Leaders (Bill Madlock, Eddie Solomon) PIT
__ TO 366 TM Padres Team Leaders (Luis Salazar, Juan Eichelberger) SDP
__ TO 576 TM Giants Team Leaders (Milt May, Vida Blue) SFG
__ TO 336 TM Mariners Team Leaders (Tom Paciorek, Glenn Abbott) SEA
__ TO 186 TM Cardinals Team Leaders (Keith Hernandez, Bob Forsch) STL
__ TO 36 TM Rangers Team Leaders (Al Oliver, Doc Medich) TEX
__ TO 606 TM Blue Jays Team Leaders (John Mayberry, Dave Stieb) TOR

Future Stars
__ TO 502 RK Braves Future Stars (Steve Bedrosian, Brett Butler, Larry Owen) ATL
__ TO 21 RK Orioles Future Stars (Bob Bonner, Cal Ripken, Jeff Schneider) BAL
__ TO 381 RK Red Sox Future Stars (Bruce Hurst, Dave Schmidt, Julio Valdez) BOS
__ TO 653 RK Angels Future Stars (Tom Brunansky, Luis Sanchez, Daryl Sconiers) CAL
__ TO 51 RK Cubs Future Stars (Jay Howell, Carlos Lezcano, Ty Waller) CHC
__ TO 599 RK White Sox Future Stars (Jay Loviglio, Reggie Patterson, Leo Sutherland) CHW
__ TO 351 RK Reds Future Stars (Scott Brown, Geoff Combe, Paul Householder) CIN
__ TO 141 RK Indians Future Stars (Chris Bando, Tom Brennan, Von Hayes) CLE
__ TO 261 RK Tigers Future Stars (Howard Bailey, Marty Castillo, Dave Rucker) DET
__ TO 441 RK Astros Future Stars (Danny Heep, Billy Smith, Bobby Sprowl) HOU
__ TO 471 RK Royals Future Stars (Atlee Hammaker, Mike Jones, Darryl Motley) KCR
__ TO 681 RK Dodgers Future Stars (Mike Marshall, Ron Roenicke, Steve Sax) LAD
__ TO 333 RK Brewers Future Stars (Frank DiPino, Marshall Edwards, Chuck Porter) MIL
__ TO 766 RK Twins Future Stars (Lenny Faedo, Kent Hrbek, Tim Laudner) MIN
__ TO 118 RK Expos Future Stars (Terry Francona, Brad Mills, Bryn Smith) MON
__ TO 623 RK Mets Future Stars (Ron Gardenhire, Terry Leach, Tim Leary) NYM
__ TO 83 RK Yankees Future Stars (Steve Balboni, Andy McGaffigan, Andre Robertson) NYY
__ TO 531 RK A's Future Stars (Rich Bordi, Mark Budaska, Kelvin Moore) OAK
__ TO 231 RK Phillies Future Stars (Mark Davis, Bob Dernier, Ozzie Virgil) PHI
__ TO 291 RK Pirates Future Stars (Vance Law, Bob Long, Johnny Ray) PIT
__ TO 731 RK Padres Future Stars (Mike Armstrong, Doug Gwosdz, Fred Kuhaulua) SDP
__ TO 171 RK Giants Future Stars (Bob Brenly, Chili Davis, Bob Tufts) SFG
__ TO 711 RK Mariners Future Stars (Dave Edler, Dave Henderson, Reggie Walton) SEA
__ TO 561 RK Cardinals Future Stars (Glenn Brummer, Luis DeLeon, Gene Roof) STL
__ TO 418 RK Rangers Future Stars (John Butcher, Bobby Johnson, Dave Schmidt) TEX
__ TO 203 RK Blue Jays Future Stars (Jesse Barfield, Brian Milner, Boomer Wells) TOR

__ TO 129 CH Checklist 1-132 XXX
__ TO 226 CH Checklist 133-264 XXX
__ TO 394 CH Checklist 265-396 XXX
__ TO 491 CH Checklist 397-528 XXX
__ TO 634 CH Checklist 529-660 XXX
__ TO 789 CH Checklist 661-792 XXX
__ TT 132 CH Checklist 1-132 XXX

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